How To Crochet A Flower: Shower Flowers

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In today's tutorial we're going toaccessorize the bathroom with shower flowers.

Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd aswell as your Yarnspirations.


I'm your host Mikey today we're going to work onshower flowers these are accessories to go over top of the shower curtain justlike on a ring.

So what we're going to do today is thatwe're going to follow this tutorial and there are some instructions it with itthere's only five rounds in order to do it and I'm going to have some tips i'mgoing to show you exactly how to be able to do these flowers.

Let's go over the diagram next.

On pagenumber two of the pattern we have the diagram symbols and what we're going tobe doing is that we're going to be working on this particular flower andthis flower is layered.

So for example that there is layersgoing in behind other layers and because of that you're going to see greyed outarrows where is showing you what's going tohappen so you'll see that this is the I think that's the back loop only for thefront loop is one of the two.

I will get to it in the pattern andyou're going to notice that it's showing you in a grey arrow where to go to on theother one here.

So what we're going to do here is thatyou need to watch for that and then you'll see these grey arrows here.

This is just allowing you to havemultiple layers so you can see the layer number three is kind of going to overlaplayer number five a little bit so you'll see that within today's pattern.

So what you're going to need to in orderto play today is some either Bernat Handicrafter or Lily Sugar and Creamcotton yarn, you're going to want cotton yarn for this element of your bathroom.

A size G four millimeter crochet hooktoday and let's get started on round number one.

So let's get started we're going tocreate a slipknot first and use your size G four millimeter crochet hooktoday and insert it into the slip knot.

Remember there's other tutorialsavailable here on our Learning Channel for slower elements to doing basicstitches just like this.

So we're going to chain 4 to beginremember the one on the hook never counts as one.

So it's 1, 2, 3 and 4 and let'sinsert our hook into the beginning chain like so yarn over and pull through that one andthe original.

So you're going to now have the centerring exposed like this and this is your straggler which is your loose tail and Iwant you to when you're working with that just to wrap it around so itcatches it underneath.

Let's move along to roundnumber one.

In round number one we're going to continue to use the same colorand we're going to chain 3 and this counts as a double crochet with intoday's pattern okay then most times it does unless totell you it doesn't.

So this is considered one double crochet,so we need to put 11 more double crochets in around the ring so justgoing right into the ring itself and i want you to double crochet so that was1 and I'll count these and we'll go into andmake sure you get that straggler so it's around the edge.

Ok so it's in, so it catches itunderneath ok this is number 3 and 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and you're noticing I'm going to runout a ring space but because you're going in the ring you can just pull the ring andeverything will shift.

So that that was 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and8 so I've got 9, 10, oops thatwas going to be 10 mhehem and I have 11 coming up right now.

So with the chaining of three thereshould be a total of twelve of these let's count so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11and 12 and I want you to slip stitch it to the top of the first chain 3 and pulltogether just like so.

Let's move along to round number 2.

To move up to roundnumber 2, round number 2 watch what we're going to do, we're going to pull up aloop and we're going to keep it a little bit extra longer than we want then wenormally would and what I want you to do is in the next double crochet down here I want you to do a double crochetfront post ok so you're going to wrap the hook andyou're going to go in around the post ok so just pop it in one side of thepost and out the other, so not on the top of the stitch, yarn overpull through and then pull through 2 and 2 and you're done.

Ok, so this first that extended chainthat I just did it does not count as anything it just is there.

So now what Iwant to do is chain 2.

1 and 2 and into the next double crochet that'savailable to you in the front loop only.

So if you're new to crochet there's always two stitches, are twostrings with front, are that are counted as a stitch.

So when you do thefront one only that's a front loop and when you do theback when only its back loop so in the front loop only you're going to singlecrochet and the reason for this is that if you look at the diagram we're goingto be playing with the back loop later so you're you need that back loop inorder to be there so if you don't you do it if you go in both stitches at thesame time you won't have access to be able to do that in the future.

So you're going to chain 2, you're goingto then do a front post double crochet into the next one ok so you've got one around here so thisone here is where the single crochet is so just look for the next one that's availableto you.

So every other one is a front post double crochet if that makes iteasier for you to follow.

Then chain 2.

1 and 2 and then come to the nextone and front loop only so next stitch front loop only for a single crochet andthen chain 2.

1 and 2 and then the next one is a front post double crochetso just skipping and making sure you're going to the next one and you're goingto do this all the way around.

So I'm almost halfway there so chain 2, front a single crochetin the front loop only and then chain 2 and then the next one is a frontpost double crochet and chain 2 next one is front a single crochet front looponly and then chain two and then front post double crochet into the next onechain 2 okay front post single crochet chain 2front post double crochet excuse me i dropped my stitch and chain 2 coming up to the very endnow is the next one is a front loop or a front single crochet front loop yes for sure and then chain 2 and thenjust join it to the top of the first front post double crochet like this, pullthrough.

Ok, so you have what appears to be sometexture and you got some extra loop stuff that we're gonna be playing within the next round.

So what I want you to do now is that Iwant you to take this color and I want you to trim it and get rid of it,completely.

So we're just going to just trim it andI'm going to pull through the stitch work and I'm just going to just weave itin and out a few of the chain stitches here and I'm going to let it fall to theback side and I'll deal with that later.

Ok so that's what i want you to do sojust keep an eye where you were and because you're going to probably have topay attention to that in the next round.

Let's move on and grab another color andlet's do number three together.

So let's begin row number three so before we beginwhat's going to happen in this round is that we're going to be playing withinthis layer here, not this layer on the outside that wetypically would, so we're going to like fold things back forward in order to getit so what we need to pay attention to isthat for example we're going to start off in the single crochet area here you've been in the front loop this timewe're going to go into that same stitch but into the back loop and then in thefront post double crochet one that we went into we're going to just play within the back section of that.

So just got to make sure that you'redoing this this layering that you're seeing right now is going to over layerthe other one that we're about to do so let's begin.

So let's create a slip knot to begin and we need to choose any one it doesn'tmatter which one you choose we need to choose any one of the singlecrochets where you were ok so there's one there's the front postdouble crochet so you don't want that one here's another one here so i'm going tochoose this one just for because I can and I'm going to just lean it forwardand I'm going to get the back loop of this one so last time we were in thefront loop this time we're going to go into the backloop and we're going to join with a slip stitch.

I'll try to keep my project invisible inview for the whole time so we're going to join with a slip stitch chain one andsingle crochet into that same stitch.

So now what we're going to do is that we'regoing to work our way to the next one which is the front post double crochetsection but we're going to work again on the same revolution by just pulling itforward.

So we're going to chain 1 first and inthe back loop only of that same stitch ok so just there it is there just pullit back and in the back loop only you're going to see two stitches here okay we only want the back loop only okand what we want to do is the first one will be a half double crochet, the nextone will be a double crochet into the same stitch followed by a chain one andthen we're going to get smaller again so in the same stitch we're going to do ahalf err a double crochet and then a half double crochet.

So each one of these arekind of like a shell, so there's going to be a half double crochet, double and thendouble and then half.

Once you have that done you're going tochain one and you're going to move along to the next stitch available to youwhich is the single crochet again just keeping it forward and going into theback loop only and doing another single crochet there and then chain one andthen move it back just so you can physically see it.

Ok, so the next one again is the frontpost double crochet so what we're going to do is that we're just going to go intothe back loop only of that one sorry and we're going to half doublecrochet the first one then we're going to double then we'regoing to chain one and then double and then half double and then chain one.

Ok, so the next one is a single crochethere just again just kind of look at it ok there it is and then I'm going tocome in and do the back loop only first single crochet, chain one and then I'mgoing to move to the next front post double crochet here just lean it back get the back loop only so it's going tobe half, going to be double, chain one and then double, half ok and continue along so chain one look for the next single crochet justget it and single crochet into the back loop only chain 1 and continue to doexactly what you've already done so you're going to see that there's goingto be a layering effect going on here.

So continue that same pattern going allthe way around.

So I'm coming up all the way around I'm doing the last sectionthey're where we're doing the half double crochet and then double, chain one andthen double and a half.

I'm going to chain one next and then Istarted in the single crochet so what I want you to just do it justjoin it just like that with the slip stitch and that concludes off roundnumber three.

We're going to keep the same color going on and let's move on tothe next round which is number four.

So round number 4 we're going to create what appears to be these long chains but they're really not that long it's just they've done it this way so that theycan fit all of the view in here.

So we're going to start off right where we leftoff and we're going to chain two and this doesn't mean anything we're justgoing to drag it over so just extend and what we're going to do is that you seethe arrow we're going to come in behind theseclusters, chain 3 and then come behind the next one.

Ok and then chain 3 and come behind thenext one so we're just going to go in the base of this so number four is just really easy it'sjust chaining 3 and just securing it with a slip stitch into the base andlet's begin to do that next number four.

So let's begin number 4 we're going tochain two, so 1 and 2 and we're going to slip stitch as starting into the baseof the first one here of the cluster so you can see half double, double, space, our chain one and then double and then half.

So what I want to do is turning itaround getting it from the back side going through the middle and then backat the bottom and I just want you to pull through.

Ok and pull through and through, so justpull everything through, just like this.

Okay then you're going to chain 3, so 1 2and 3 and then moving to the next one here's the cluster just get it from theback side going in between the two, so if you just need to separate it you can, sothere's half, double, chain one, double and half and just going in between the twomiddle ones just down pop it back out the bottom, pull through just take your time on this and pullthrough as a slip stitch then chain 3 so 1, 2, 3.

Here's the next one, so just, that's righthere, so it's just right in the middle of the of the cluster, so out and through.

There you go, got it and then chain 3, 1 2 3.

This round doesn't take very long atall, So here's the next one, just right in the middle and then chain 3, 1 2 3, next one.

So if it were me and I was notteaching this I would keep this pretty much with the back side facing me thewhole time because I don't need to really look at the front side.

Ok then chain 3, 1 2 3 andthen come into the next one I'm leaving these tales in so that Ican secure them in better when I'm done and I'll show you how to do that aswell.

Normally i would get rid of that in atutorial so just pull through as a slip stitch and then 1, 2 and 3 andthis is where we started so what I want to do is that I want tojust slip stitch it to the very beginning of where the other one is slipstitched right there.

So what this is doing is it's creating alayer in effect on the bottom side so that i can see these because this iswhere the final layer is going to go so there's going to be three layers to thiscomplete shower flower.

So what I'm going to do is I'mgoing to teach you how now to hide these ends because I thinkit's important at this point and because I had you bury in that veryfirst one so let's deal with that one first let's just pull up a loop.

That onebecause I had you bury it in I can just cut that one out safely andthe other two I want to use a darning needle and because you are going to beusing this in the shower and etc you're going to probably have high useon your shower curtain so what I want you to do is that I just want you to feed this into a darning needle just like so and I want you to do with the other one aswell so I'll just show you one.

So I want you to go into the same colorand just glide it so that it's in fibers in the back side of your flowers sodon't if you see the needle through the front side you know that you're you'reway off bases, so keep it to the back side and go one and then go in a differentpath but back in the other direction again just keeping it on the side of theflower for two and then back again in a different path in the same direction for three.

So the flower can never stretch in threedifferent directions therefore the tail will never fall out on you.

So now you can safely cut that stringright down to the base of the project and I want you to do the other stringand then I'll meet you back here and we'll carry on to do the final roundof your shower flower.

So we're now ready for roundnumber five, round number five is going to play within that chain three spaceand there's going to be all of these stitches all within each chain 3 orchain three space.

Now you're going to notice the chain oneto get us up there we're not that's not counted as anything in this particularpattern so we're going to chain one to start and then immediately in the firstchain 3 we're going to provide so a single, half,double, treble, treble, treble, double, half and single.

So this chart comes in real handy solet's count how many there is 1, 2 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

So it's an odd number so that makessense so remember it is single, half, double, treble, treble, treble, double, half, and a single.

So right in the middle kind of mirrors each other and that willrepeat itself.

So once you get one done you just immediately jump to the nextchain three space, single, half, double, treble, treble, treble, double, half, single.

So let's begin todo round number five.

Ok so my loose ends are now in and Iwant to turn it so that I'm looking at the good side so this is what you'd belooking at so the the ring, the chain three spaces are on the other side.

So what we need to do to begin is thatwe need to chain up one and starting in the first chain three space we're gonna just follow exactly what was in thechart so it was single remember and then we got half and then we had adouble and then three trebles so remember wrap the hook twice beforeyou do a treble, so this is 1 and 2 and 3 and you're not done yet you're going to start getting smaller soif you're running out of space just shift everything just move it becauseit's just around the center of the chain 3 so then it comes back down to a double,half and single so there's one pedal there.

So let's just do the next one so jump tothe next chain three space and let's do a repeat again.

A single we got half, we had a double we have three trebles, so let's do 1and 2 and 3, again shift that if you need to and then we're going to do adouble, half and I'm just going to shift it and single.

So what I want you to do is I want youto repeat that all the way around and just go to the next chain three and justagain single, half, double, treble, treble treble and then double, half and singleplease do that all the way around and meet me back here and we'll finish offtogether.

So i just finished my last single crochet and the next one here isthe beginning so I'm just going to slip stitch it to the beginning singlecrochet that I started with and I'm going to trim off my yarn and I'm goingto fasten it off with my darning needle to do this.

It says in the instructions to sew thison to your shower curtain ring I'm not going to do that I'm going to show youanother way because I know I wouldn't do it that if it was myself because I'mlazy.

So I have a way that I can just put iton to it and then you can put your shower curtain on over top of it.

So justgoing in the behind of this and you want to just make your stitches kind of hidejust glide them into the fibers in behind the work never on the front sidebecause you'll see it and if you go in three different directions as Ipointed out before you'll have a better way of keeping this in check and out ofthe view so it never falls out on you just likeso.

So i have a shower ring that I brought up downstairs here so let mejust show you what i would do for me because if you look at the pictureyou'll see that is just kind of dangling in position and i'll show you that next.

So here's the photo and what we have todo is that we have to pay attention to the rings that we have and so forexample, whenever I have a shower curtain I never have it so that thisbracket will face out like this so if I'm looking at the shower from the outside you won't see this you'll see this asthe inside so i will be showering inside here.

So we want to make sure that theflowers sitting over here so that and then the shower curtain then goes in andthen it locks into position.

So if you look at the photo that's whatexactly you're looking at here.

So it says to sew on the flower but i would doit slightly different if it were me and here's what i would do.

So if it wereme what I would do I just kind of did a test is that Iwould fold this in half and you can see that there's strings that are just kindof sitting there.

Do you see thatthere's strings there so i could use this one instead so I can put my hook in behind thereand I can fold this in half and I can pull that string up to be a little bitlarger and then what i can do is that I can put the ring in and because I foldedit i can actually get this in without having to interfere with the rest of theflower.

So I'm just going to fold it and I'mjust going to feed it through carefully now the thing with about shower curtain I'm going to go through the backside ofthe thing about shower curtain ideas like this is that these aren't designed ascrochet hooks to slide in and out very easily.

So then once it's in I can then just put it here and you'rethinking to yourself okay what's going to dangle really weird but as soonas you get that shower curtain in there the shower curtain is going to make itgo back out like this and then you'll never see where it is on this side.

So thisis how I would do a shower curtain flower and so it's a shower flower andyou can just shape to match and again use cotton yarn for this kind ofapplication because this yarn you don't need to worry about if it gets wet or not.

So untilnext time, I'm Mikey on behalf of The Crochet Crowd as well as Yarnspirations.

Com, have a great day and enjoy your shower flower today.


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