How to Create Amazingly Long-Lasting Coral Bells Flower Arrangements

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I suspect most of us are well aware howyou can use the colored forms of coral bells to bring long-lastingweather-resistant color to our shady beds and borders, they are nice andvigorous and form lovely big plants that help us get our gardens off to a greatstart.

And I've been impressed how quite a few of them do well in sunny positionstoo.

And they are so varied, and versatile, and easy to grow that they make greatplants for containers, window boxes, wall planters and evenhanging baskets.

But, have you thought about using them in flower arrangements? The incredible range of foliage colors,the different sizes and textures lends them very well to creating some reallyappealing arrangements.

And the amazing thing is that they last an incrediblylong time.

In fact in some of my trials when I've had them on shady windowsillsin a room with air conditioning they have lasted for weeks and weeks.

My record so far, is about five or six weeks believe it or not, when you putthem in a vase of water and change the water regularly you'll be amazed howlong the foliage on some of these coral bells will last.

The other flowers willgo over in about a week or so but the foliage on some of the varieties ofcoral bells last an unbelievably long time.

And what's more, these littlearrangements are very easy and really quick to make.

If you want to try your hand at it.

Here's how to do it All you need is some coral Bell leavesand flowers and some other flowers from your garden, then just trim off the baseof the stems and place them in a little vase of water Then take your flowers in this case theKolorscape® rose Milano I like the way the color picks up thered viens on this Heuchera Red Lightning, then make afresh cut in the rose and remove any leaves that might be underneath thewater level And then just pop in some light, featheryplumes of Astilbe Bridal Veil And there, in less than a minute you'vegot a nice little arrangement Now, if you want to have a go at makingsome of these here's the recipes.

So as you see, it's really easy and quick,in a couple of minutes you can make pretty little arrangements like thesewith leaves that will last for many weeks.