How to Create a Faux Hydrangea Flower Centerpiece, with Audrey Gerber | Pottery Barn

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Hi I'm Audrey Gerber from Pottery Barn.

I love having faux botanicals in my home because they look great twelve months out of the year.

Today what I'm going to do is show you how to make a great arrangement in two simple steps.

First you want to prepare your vase.

And in this case I'm using an eight inch bosphorous vase.

Next, for me, it's all about the mix, so I'm going to also add in some natural elements, and I'm using a bag of river rocks, make a little well in the center, that's going to secure your stems.

Then for a bit of fun and some nautical appeal, I've got this resin starfish, and I've got some twine, I'm just going to adhere this to the outside of the vase.

A knot will secure it in place.

Next step, prepare your botanicals.

I've got six stems of hydrangeas, beautiful blooms, incredibly realistic, and I've precut them, to about six inches in length, which is going to work perfectly with my eight inch bosphorous.

I'm just forming them them to make a nice, pleasing dome shape, and then, to keep them in place in my vase, I'm going to use some floral wire, just to tie them securely together.

A nice twist, and drop them into your vase.

Let them splay out, and don't forget to look at your arrangement from all sides, so that it looks fantastic no matter how you're viewing it.

I've got some nice lemon leaves here, that are a fresh element, but anything that you have blooming in your garden would work wonderfully.

There, I've used about three stems, and I think this looks fantastic.

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