How to create 3D Gel Flowers – Part 1

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Hi, I'm kirsty meakin from naio nails andI'm going to do a 3D gel design, not only that, we're going to actually make the 3Dgel out of acrylic and gel.

So for this design we're going to use acrylic and gel so youwould need white acrylic and you white gel, we're going to use some paints as well, fewrhinestones and bit of clear acrylic as well.

I've already prepped these nails and I'vealready put the sculpting forms on, this sculpting form I've had to trim down a little bit.

We'vegot a little video in the description area for that, if you want to click that link andalso there will be a link for the prep and form application in there as well.

So firstof all I'm going to put a tiny bead, quite a small bead of clear acrylic onto the stressarea.

Just so I know that that's covered, the join is perfect, it's kind of like a littlesecurity blanket just so i know that that's got some strength there.

Do the same on thisone.

Now you can either sculpt this entire nail in white acrylic but what we're goingto do is we're going to do the whole nail in clear acrylic and we're going to use thewhite acrylic as our base colour.

So you're going to take your clear acrylic, start atthe cuticle area and we're going to do the length, we're doing an almond shape nail somake sure you keep an eye on the shape, on the side walls, you want to get everythingas perfect as you can to reduce your filing time.

Because it's clear it's slightly harderto see so you've got to check all your angles, make sure you look down the barrel, make sureyou check your side views, now we're going to pinch this nail so it's going to make ita lot slimmer.

We're going to move onto this nail and give this a pinch as well.

Whilethat's holding that pinch I'm just going to check this nail over, i can take this formoff now.

Take this one off.

We're going to file these now with the same filing routineas i always do.

So side walls, then i go straight round the cuticle area, angling the file,then i can go down the entire length of the nail, just to refine that and make it niceand even, apex is in the right place, it should be in the back third of the nail, which shouldlie around here.

I can do the free edge shape now.

Want a soft almond shape.

Same againon this nail.

Compare the two together, I'm just going to soften the tip of this one slightly.

Now I'm going to buff them, you don't have to buff it too smooth because we're goingto put gel on top of this if you make it too smooth the gel will pop off, you just wantto roughly go over.

Just going to quickly wipe over with some acetone, I'm not goingto rub too much because i don't want to smooth the surface too much.

Going to get a pad withsome gel residue wipe on so that's going to help me keep that brush nice and clean.

We'reliterally using this gel as colour.

So get this cuticle area nice and neat.

We're goingto do two coats.

Same again on this nail.

By pushing the product up infront of the brushyou will get a neat, crisp, cuticle.

Pop that into the lamp for two minutes.

That's curednow, I'm going to wipe the sticky layer off there before I do any top coat or anythinglike that.

And i just want to buff it so it goes quite matte.

Clean over that again.

Whatwe're going to do now is we're going to make a 3D gel.

You're going to get one part gelto one part acrylic powder.

Now I'm using white for both of these, have a lint freepad with some gel residue wipe off ready to clean you tools.

So you're going to get onepart gel, clean your tool, you've got one little scoop of that, then roughly the sameamount of powder.

Mix that in.

You can adjust how stiff this 3D gel is, so the more powderyou add the stiffer it will become, the less powder you have in the mixture then it's goingto be thinner.

Make sure you've mixed it all up so it's all the same, it's all got thesame amount of powder running through, so you can see the difference now in that, itholds its shape and that's what you're looking for, you're looking for it to hold its shape.

So you want it all together in the center so I've just moved all that all in the centerand you can see it still looks like gel.

It's still shiny.

Now I'm going to use a detailingbrush to do this design and we're going to do a rose, now at first for the rose you needquite a big ball of your 3D gel.

You just want to bring it down to a teardrop, everso slightly then you want to put that into the lamp for atleast 2 minutes, so that'spretty cured now, we'll do a longer cure after.

We're going to do this bit by bit.

I'm goingto wrap this petal around the outside of the teardrop shape we've just created.

Same againon this side.

You can keep moving it about until you're happy with it.

Right put thatin to the lamp, just get it froze so it doesn't move anywhere.

You can also use a dottingtool to carve through the product.

You want to let it draw off the brush.

If your brushgets messy just use your wipe that's got your residue wipe off solution on.

So around thisnow we're going to do some filigree.

I'm a bit of a fan of filigree.

Going to draw itquite slow.

As soon as your happy with something you can just get it straight in the lamp andget it froze, just keep it in the same shape.

If you want to readjust anything with a bitmore force just get a 3D brush, dip it in a little bit of the gel sticky layer wipeoff solution and it will help you to just tidy things up.

so if you struggle to useacrylic 3D, struggle to make whatever you want to make before it sets, this is ideal,can make 3D gel and you can play with it until you're happy with it and then you can cure.

So go into your solution, dab it off and you can use that brush to just tidy anything up.

The easiest thing to do with the 3D gel is your little swirls, just pop the product onand then use your 3D brush to move the product around.

If you used a dry 3D brush it wouldstick to the 3D gel that we've made.

Got to make sure you're going into the wipe off solution.

Then I'm just going to check over the whole design, make sure certain parts are high enough.

The good thing about the 3D gel is it's not like acrylic so it's not setting as you'redoing it so you can adjust it about, if you don't like it you could take you know thatoff that you didn't like before you cure.

Right so you pop that into the lamp now, we'regoing to keep that in for four minutes.

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