How BIN GARDEN hides trash can wheelie bin on Kickstarter. Flowers fruit herbs veggies plants shrubs

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It's all about the unused space above your bin The Garden —- SLIDES —– and it automatically opens and shuts the bin's lid for you.

Your bin, is stored inside the wooden planter and your flower garden grows on top To help you get the correct size Bin Garden; see the related video lower down the page and if you need to hide more than one bin; then see the FAQ's below to find out, just how.

Hey, I'm Nick Staley, Inventor of the Bin Garden.

They hide ugly Garbage Cans, or smelly Wheelie Bins with flowers or fruits and veggies It's an attractive living disguise once you start using your Bin Garden; you'll find it will give you regular gifts like flowers for your vases and fruits and veggies for your dinner! Many people with bins, myself included don't have much garden space and we can all now benefit by growing our own mini gardens above our bins.

To fulfil your pledges: we need your help please? because as you may already know The Kickstarter structure is ALL or NOTHING The funding target has to be reached for any funding to be released to us So, please, do pledge, no matter how small and please also spread the word on social networks and tell your friends and your family Thank you! *More videos below on Bin Garden campaign's Kickstarter page:* *Plant Central (How to)* *UNCUT Full Version* *Safety Notice* *Sizes? Differences?* *Rock and Roll* *Thanks for watching! www.



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