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Jazz music plays.

sounds of birds Located just outside the township of Wattsburgh,PA For some who don't know what a daylily is.

Each blossom only lasts one day.

However, there are many blossoms on a plantso they will bloom for weeks.

The stem is known as the scape.

I like them because they are very easy togrow.

They grow in any soil type, clay, sand, harddirt and garden soils.

Damp, even fully wet, they can still growfine.

On top of the ground In clay In sand in mixed soil of any kind.

They are a beautiful flower.

All colors BUT white or blue.

they are workingon developing blue and white.

They are a long way from having a blue orpure white flower.

These are the different parts of the daylilie.

Pollen is on the male parts.

The female part is called the Pistol.

nopollen on that This is called Piano Man Dark eye.

cream petals.

dark purple edging Sometimes, the purple edge will go all theway around, though this one doesn't have that.

I am fascinated by the dark purples, or winecolors I select a stamen from this blossom Named boma bound.

and I take the pollen I apply it to the female part, or pistol ofthe plant I want to pollinate.

It's called Cherokee Pass The pollen will travel down the pistol andto the ovaries in the plant.

A seed pod will form if it's successful Takes about six weeks for the seed pod to mature You can then plant the seeds, or save themfor planting at a later time.

This is a mature seed pod It's still in the development stage In six weeks it will begin to turn brown.

At that time it will begin to split open.

Some of the flowers have a ruffle around theedge Some growers call this scrambled eggs.

Some flowers are more frilled than others.

But this one has promise for future cultivation.

(birds chirping, music playing) This articular blossom has a large flutededge.

It's a cream color with a green throat.

A real advantage in daylilies, is to havethe green throat.

We named this one How Great Though Art.

Because it is.

a great daylilie.

I'm Roger Rouse, this is my wife Pat We have been operating Lilies of the FieldGarden for the past 16 years.

We would like to invite you to come and visitus During July, on Wednesdays and Sunday afternoons from 2 – 7 pm In addition to visiting.

If you would like to purchase any for yourown garden We sell them as; clumps in pots or take orders to have them dug out later We ship in late August or September You can come and pick them up, or we shipwithin the United States for you.

Located in the town of Wattsburg, PA, justoff of Route 89, turn off at Brown's Hardware.

on the right hand side.

(west of St Rt-89) Roger Rouse is in the phone book.

9368 Haskell Hill Rd.

, Wattsburg, PA 16442 (814) 739-2413 Need a promotional video for your business?Please e-mail; [email protected]


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