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We’re kicking off our Bad Bats Halloweenseries with monochrome flower pots that will bring a spooky ambience to your home! We use white chrysanthemum, silver dusty millerleaves and grey pillar candles.

We’ll explain how to adorn the candles witha pretty wax drip and how to insert them securely in the arrangement.

These flower pots look great on a Halloween-themedparty table or in a window sill.

And if you would like to see more videos likethis give us a thumbs-up and subscribe! To make the drip, light a small white dinnercandle or a tea light and allow for a little wax to melt.

Then start making drips along the top edgeof a pillar candle, going all around.

By constantly turning the candle, you canadjust how thick and long you want the drips to be.

We’re using grey candles and make a whitedrip, but you can, of course, change the colours to your liking.

Cut floral foam, which has been soaked inlukewarm water for at least 30 minutes, so it will fit into the flower pots and placeit in the pots.

The foam should sit relatively tightly inthe pot so it can hold the candle securely in place.

Then add additional water to the post.

To secure the candle in the arrangement, shortensturdy wire to a length of 10 centimetres, which is 4 inches.

Hold two pieces of wire into the flame ofa candle to heat up and then insert them immediately into the bottom of the pillar candle.

Now centre the candle in the middle of thefoam and push it in.

Cut the dusty miller leaves and place themin a wreath around the base of the candle.

Using secateurs, clip the stems of the chrysanthemumto a length of 5 to 7 centimetres, which is 2 to 3 inches, and place them in between theleaves until the no more bare spots are showing.

Water the arrangement every other day andremove withered flowers and leaves.

Always watch the candle closely while burningand blow the flame out once it reaches the level of the leaves and flowers.

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