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Hey guys so today I´m gonna show you how to do a half up half down hairstyles with 3 roses in the back so I hope you like it! So the first thing you have to do is to section of your bangs and if you don’t want any hair in the front, you can just skip this step.

So now you have to make 3 small ponytails, so you your gonna take a section of hair on the top of you head, then tease it so you give it more volume and more puffiness.

Is that a word? Puffiness?.

It is now! After you have teased the hair, you gonna run the comb over the hair to smooth it out and after that you are gonna take a small elastic that matches your hair color, so you can’t really see it and secure the ponytail.

Now you have to repeat that on both sides, so you end up with 3 small ponytails.

When you have made the ponytails it shouldlook something like this from the back.

Now you have to make the roses, and for thatyou´re gonna take one of the ponytails, divide it into 3 sections and begin to braid it likea normal braid.

When you have braided it a few times, you´regonna pull out a little piece of the braid, so the braid gets bigger and more puffy.

Andyou are just gonna continue that all the way down until there is no more hair left When you have secured the braid, you haveto repeat that in the other two ponytails and when you have done that, it should looksomething like this.

Now you´re gonna take one of the braids andtwist it around it self 1 time, then you´re gonna take a bobby pin and pin down the braid,so the middle of the rose stays down.

Now you´re gonna take the rest of the braidand wrap it underneath and around it self, so you´re gonna create that beautiful rose.

To secure the end you are just gonna takea bobby pin and pin the end under the rose you just created.

Now you have to repeat that on the other twobraids, so you get 3 beautiful roses.

When you have made all 3 roses, you can justtake a mirror and check if it looks okay, and if you want more puffiness or more volumeyou can pull a little bit in the braids.

If you want to wear this hairstyle with straighthair, you just have to tease the hair in the sides for a little bit for more volume andthen you are done.

If you want to wear this hairstyle withwaves or curls, then just have to curl your hair.

Duh! But I´m using a Remington curling ironand i believe its a 19 mm.

barrel and I’m just gonna start curling my hair in the backand work my way to the front and I’m curling my hair away from my face.

When you have curled all your hair just teasethe sides of your hair to give it more volume and more puffiness and then you´re done.

Thank you so much for watching i hope you Thank you so much for watching my video, I really hope you liked it! I f you did then please giveit a thumbs up and remember to follow me on my social medias all the links will be downbelow, and if you wanna see some of my other videos there is two right here you can clickon and i will see you guys in my next video… BYEEEE!.

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