Growing Flower Gardens : How to Arrange a Flowerbed

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Hi, this is Yolanda from Vanveenbulbs.

Comand we're going to talk about how to arrange a flower bed.

Now we all have big hopes whenwe set aside an area for a flower bed.

We buy our first dream house, or we move andwe have a beautiful yard that's already established, or we dig out some grass and we start a newflower bed.

But any way that we come up with a new flower bed, it's always exciting tocome up with a plan.

So the best thing you should do is come up with a plan.

And it canbe a basic plan, it doesn't have to be exactly plant by plant, just kind of a sketching ofwhat you want to do with your, with your whole landscape.

And so when I'm setting aside anarea, it doesn't need to be square, or it doesn't need to be rectangular.

It can bepretty much any shape, and most experts agree that a round shape, or a kidney shaped flowerbed is usually the most beautiful, and most parks usually use that kind of a sequencein their gardens.

But in your garden you can plant it any way that you want to.

And whatI try to remember is you want a focal point, and that generally is going to be a tree.

So in every flower bed, whether it's a small bush or a large, huge bed, we're going tohave a large tree, you should always have at least one large plant in there to be yourfocal point.

And you don't want to put it right in the middle of the flower bed, youalways want to put it at eighty-twenty.

So if you've got a rectangular bed, you wouldput it right at the eighty mark, and there'd be about twenty percent of it, the bed wouldbe on one side, eighty percent on the other side.

So it'd be the focal point.

You canalso have different statues or birdhouses, or use anything in your flower bed at thateighty-twenty mark.

And, then with the rest of the bed, you want to even it out, and Ilike to use threes.

So, if you're using three shrubs, or three bushes, or three lilies ina different section, or you want different types of plants in any areas, I always liketo use threes, unless it's a larger plant, like a tree, then use one.

So when you'rearranging your flower bed, or planting it, kind of think about these things, and theheights too.

You want the tallest items farthest away from the view that you're going to enjoy,and the shortest items closest to where you're going to view them.

And the thing about gardeningthat you've got to remember is everything can change.

So nothing's forever.

So evenif you don't want to take the time to sit down and measure everything out, you don'thave to.

You can just sit some rocks aside and some plants aside, put them all togetherand enjoy them, because any way you plant them, they're going to be beautiful.

And plantsgrow naturally in all different types of random shapes and orders.

And in a garden they'rejust as beautiful that way.

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