Grow & Harvest Bananas – flowers, fruits & stems of the banana plant

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Hello friends! In today's video we're gonna talk all aboutbananas So the banana plant is mostly known for itsfruit But in today's video you will also see How you can use the other parts of the bananaplant Like the flower the stem and of course wewill also see The banana fruit that's you know the reasonwhy the banana plant is so popular So bananas can be grown year-round in placeslike California Where the the weather is warm and conduciveto the growth of bananas And the banana usually starts flowering latesummer And once the flower is sent out The bud keeps growing towards the bottom As you see here And the bananas are formed on the top So that's the beauty of the banana plant That it will keep growing the bud as wellas keep producing banana As the bud grows towards the bottom Now you'll notice that after some time The bud will no longer have bananas over it Or the bananas would be very you know Not so well-formed And that's when you can harvest the flowers So as you can see the bananas have starteddeveloping very nicely here And what's going to happen is eventually asthe plant grows The most important part of the plant whichis the bananas Are gonna keep growing So as you can see here the bananas areforming on the top part And if you notice near the area where thebud or the flower Joins the bananas the bananas have now starteddrooping Or started dying down This usually means that the plant is not goingto form a lot more bananas It's just a natural way for the plan to sustain If it keeps producing a lot of bananas theplant might just fall from the weight So this is a good time to harvest the budor the flowers So let's go ahead and harvest this bananabud Which will have a lot of flowers growing init It's just the unique way that the banana plantgrows Its got this really huge purple bud that youcan see here And then all the flowers are there insidethis bud And just be careful of all the sap that fallsdown when you harvest the banana flower It can stain your clothes a little bit So you know just be careful while harvestingit So that looks like a pretty nice bud And this is what you see inside the bud These are the banana flowers They look like bean sprouts But they're really banana flowers And you can cook banana flowers with coconut They taste really good and are a popular SouthAsian cuisine So as you can see here we have removed thebanana bud Or the flowers and while you use the bananaflowers The banana plant will continue to grow thesefruits on the plant in fact it relieves them of some weight So it's actually good if you harvest the budonce the bananas stop forming on the plant And I think that also signals the banana plant To start concentrating its energy on the fruit Which will cause rapid fruit growth And once the fruit is fully grown It will also ripen as as we will see in thenext section of this video So now we come to the best part the reasonwhy the banana plant is popular is it fruits And homegrown bananas taste so much differentand so much nicer Than the store bought bananas I mean in the store you are you gonna findjust one variety which is the Cavendish banana At home you can grow pretty much any varietyof banana that you want And these bananas have ripened on the plantitself If you want you can harvest the banana fruitand keep them indoors And they will ripen indoors as well And now I'm gonna talk about something thata lot of people don't know about And that's the banana stem The banana stem itself is a delicacy in alot of countries And if you haven't tried out banana stem youshould try it out sometime It's got a very unique flavor And that's the center part of the stem thatyou're looking for We're not looking for all the part aroundit Because it's too much of fiber and you cannotreally eat it But it's the tender center part of the bananastem that's popular in cooking And a lot of South Asian countries, especiallycountries like India, in the southern part of India The banana stem is a very popular delicacy So all you do is just split open the stem You can chop it into smaller pieces for convenience And then you just try to get the the centerpart of the stem out Now remember that the stem from the bottompart of the plant will actually have more volume And as you start going towards the top itsgonna shrink in size So this is what you're looking for So I hope you enjoyed this video about aboutthe incredible banana plant The entire banana plant is useful You can actually use the leaves as platesas very economical and biodegradable plates that you can eat your food in You can use the stems You can use the flowers You can use the fruit So all in all it's a very useful plant So do let me know how you use the banana plant Do just eat the fruit? Do you use the flowers? Do you use the stem? I would love to hear from you And I'll see you again soon! Happy Gardening!!.

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