Grow Flowers in an Egg Carton with Sunset Magazine

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Starting flowers from seed is really easyto do and Spring is the perfect time to get started.

All you need is an empty egg carton, fresh seed starting soil, and any kind of seedsyou want to grow.

I’ve picked these seeds for Sunflowers,Cosmos, and Zinnia, all which grow into gorgeous Summer flowers.

First we’re going to cut this empty eggcarton in half to create our seed starting tray.

I’ll put this scalloped half on topand use the smooth half for the base.

Next, fill up the cardboard cups with seedstarting soil, loosely packing it down.

We’re going to wet the soil a bit to see if we needto add any more.

Using a small twig, I’m going to poke ahole about ½ an inch deep in each compartment, drop one or two seeds into each hole, andcarefully cover up the seeds with soil.

Finally water the seeds well and put your egg cartonsin a sunny location, like on your windowsill.

Most flower seeds take between 7-14 days tosprout.

During that time, remember to keep the soil moist.

I started these egg cartonsabout two weeks ago and you can see all of the baby seedlings! Soon we’ll be readyto plant out all of these seedlings into our Summer garden.

Source: Youtube