Grooming Container Plants

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Grooming is an important part of keeping container gardens looking at their best and on occasion throughout the summer you're going to have to do some grooming.

Grooming involves three practices: pinching, deadheading and just general overall grooming maintenance.

The pinching process means that you're taking a plant that might have gotten a little bit long or leggy or out of shape and basically cutting it back in such a way that it maintains this nice shape and form.

And pinching just involves going in at the very tips of the plant that you want to cut back and just basically snapping out the tip like this right there, allowing growth from these nodes to fill in and form a nice rounded plant.

Don't be afraid to pinch as you see fit.

It's not gonna hurt the plant, just makes the plant overall look better.

Deadheading involves the practice of removing old flowers.

Many plants look their best with the old flowers removed and also encourage reblooming on those that are flowering plants.

On foliage plants like Coleus, the flower is not all that good looking so it's best just to take these flowers off by just snapping them out of the center like this right here, allowing the foliage to be the main focal point of the display.

Deadheading things like Geraniums and maybe occasionally Petunias and maybe Verbena and Zinnias, that kind of thing, involves taking the old flowers like you see right here and again going down pinching them out, removing them, cleaning up the plant and allowing new buds to replace the old flowers.

And also, it helps to keep down diseases.

A very common disease called botrytis gets in old flower parts.

So there we have deadheading.

And then general grooming.

Plants occasionally will have, again, old leaves that are just not all that attractive.

Before putting this plant in a container garden, you may want to go in and actually physically remove, take these leaves off, get rid of all of this material and thus it saves you the time from doing it later and just basically makes a plant that might have looked a little bit not so good really good looking.

Oftentimes plants like this are left at the garden center not bought because they may not look good, but once cleaned up they're outstanding looking plants.

So again, take the time to pinch, general grooming and deadheading to keep your container gardening looking good, blooming well and overall good quality.

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