Green Garden Ideas At The Philadelphia Flower Show

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I'm Shawna Coronado, and you're with me right now at the Philadelphia Garden Show 2011.

What's so cool about this is I get to spend a whole week, and the theme, springtime in Paris Behind me you see some, beautiful and incredible displays and the Eiffel Tower, how cool is that? This is a fantastic example of reusing and recycling in your lawn.

Look at this idea, oh my god! They have made a water fountain out of recycled plastic materials and I love it! This is something we can all do, so easy so simple.

Can you say hello to my little friend? Dig this cow! It's so adorable.

And guess what, made out of recycled metal Awesome idea! You can do this with plastic metals.

You could even, if you have an internal display, do cardboard.

So creative! He's my cow.


So you get a piece of newspaper, it's about 14-15 inches long, then you just wrap it around And this pot maker can be bought at the gardener supply company.


And we just kind squish it up and then we turn.

So you twist it.


And then just like that.

I broke it! Oh no! I love that when that happens.

Do it again! Ta-da! And it's a little pot so you can take the soil.

What you're going to do is your going to put the soil in it.

Well a lot of soil fits in actually.


Do you know what's nice about this too is that if you have seeds.

like nasturtium that don't like to be disturbed.

So if you were to transplant them.

It's going to go right into the ground.

Yea, you just sort of peel it away.

Very nice.

So cute! Here is David Bolinski, and you are all about equilibrium.

Why are you here at the show? I am here because, we design our junior year studio and landscape architecture to design and build the flower show exhibit for temple university.

So i'm looking for recycled plastics and you have something to show me.

Yes I do.

We're standing on it.

They're not in mass production but they're being researched and it's plastic bottles melted down combined with soil, as far as I know, you can use a different type of soil any kind of different type of soil and aggregate so it's plastic and soil combined with the aggregate.

Then is it baked? Yes it is they are baked.

So you still use some sort of carbon in creating it because you have to, but it's still made out of post consumer recycled products.

Yay! So that is really green and really cool.

I love it.

You can see the entire strip all along here.

I can pull one out.


She has one here.

It's heavy! Like a riced crispy treat.

And there is the, you can actually see the aggregate.

A riced crispy treat that you walk on.

How cool.

And so it's also permeable then.


Heavy as can be.

It surprised me.

I expected it to feel like a plastic milk carton.

It feels like rock.

It's going to have that mass.

Well thank you very much.

For talking with me about this cool new recycled plastic.

I appreciate it.

So that's it! It has been one fabulous week We learned a whole lot about recycling, reducing and how to reuse plastics.

It's been awesome.

And I can't wait for my next adventure.

I hope you'll come along with me next time.

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