Garnish Flower – Red Onion

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Welcome back to another cooking video, I’mChef Devaux and today I’m going to teach you how to make one of these into a beautifulgarnish.

Let’s get going!Okay, so we begin with a red onion.

I’ve taken off one layer as you can see to makeit a bit more smooth and clean.

Then I take a knife and place it on top of it in the middle,and then place your finger where the end of the onion is and this will indicate wherethe halfway mark is so you don’t stab yourself on the other side.

Just press your knife intoit at a 45-degree angle and then you connect and you create a zigzag pattern going allthe way around.

Here you can see it more clearly, you justpress your knife in and then wherever the last cut was, at a 45-degree angle, you goin again and you just continue this zigzag pattern all the way around.

The only thing you really need to know is that when you press it in you want to pullthe knife upwards and pressing the tip down so it creates a rectangular cut into it, soit joins up all the cuts on the interior of the onion.

Alright, so you just continue cutting all the way around until the zigzag patterns meetand then the onion should just come apart, just like this, and then you’ve got thesebeautiful two halves of an onion which on their own are mesmerizing already.

Okay, so I’m just going to put one on the side because I don’t need it for now, andI’m going to cut the bottom off this onion.

Once you’ve done that you want to startseparating the layers of the onion.

Be very careful not to damage or break them.

You start off with the first outer one, once you’ve got it off you just place it downon the cutting board, just like this, and then you start working on the next one—verycareful.

This is a little bit tedious sometimes but it’s quite simple.

Once you’ve removed the second one you just want to lay it inside the one you removedbefore.

You want to make sure that wherever there was a “V” from the one before, there’sa little point now, and you just continue this pattern all the way to the core.

Justtake off the next layer and just align it so it’s wherever the “V” was, there’sa point now.

You just continuously do this until you can’t remove any more layers fromyour onion.

I think this is the last one I can remove,so I’m just going to fit that one in.

Now I’m just going to take the core componentand fit that one inside because I can’t separate any more—there we go.

Now this is already a beautiful garnish but it’s a little bit flat, so I’m going totake the bottom of the onion which has a curve in I and I’m going to lay the garnish ontop and then press it down.

That just creates a much more 3D complete effect.

Voila! This is the end of the video, I hope you enjoyedit.

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