Gardening Tips : What Flowers Keep Mosquitoes Away?

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this section,we're going to talk about what flowers keep mosquitoes away.

Well, mosquitoes have beenaround for a long time, and they'll probably be around for a long time to come, so my theoryon that is, try, before you even consider what flowers will ward off mosquitoes, mosquitoeslove standing water, so the best way to repel mosquitoes, is to get rid of any standingwater on your property, so if you've got buckets or pans or a little kiddie pool that's gotwater in it that's standing, always dump it out, because that is where mosquitoes breed,and if you take away the water, you won't have the mosquitoes, so when you're growingyour garden, there's a lot of flowers that the mosquitoes don't mess with, and lavenderprobably is my favorite, so lavender is a wonderful plant, and mosquitoes and no bugsat all, really mess with it.

It has a beautiful bloom, and it's just a gorgeous, gorgeousflower, and it smells really good, and there's a lot of other plants, that mosquitoes don'tmess with.

My sedums they don't mess with.

My crocosmias they don't mess with, fernsthey don't really mess with.

Many types of herbs are great for your garden too, and alot of them do have blooms.

I've got peppermint and thyme, and lemon grass, which is whatcitronella comes from, is the ultimate mosquito repellent, and the oil is used for lots ofdifferent mosquito repellents, so it's a great plant, but marigolds and chrysanthemums, anddaisies, and many, many other plants, are great for warding off mosquitoes.

There'slemon balms, and there's different types of mums, or asters.

Mosquitoes don't seem tomess with any of them, but still, even if you have a garden full of these plants, andif you have standing water, you will have mosquitoes, so it helps to have plants inyour garden to ward off mosquitoes, but in the end, I found by rubbing lavender oil,baby oil, vegetable oil, or any type of citronella on your skin, that's exposed when you're outside,the mosquitoes don't seem to bother you at all.

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