Gardening Tips : What Are the Best Flowers to Plant in the Sun?

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from vanveenbulbs.

Com,and we're going to learn all about what to plant in your sun garden.

What plants do wellin the sun, and how to garden with plants in the sun.

There's so many plants to talkabout.

Pretty much every plant in the world will grow in the sun that's a sun plant, buthere are just a few of my favorites.

This is agapanthus, or Lily of the Nile, and Ilove it cause' it has beautiful flowers that hummingbirds like, and it has gorgeous foliagethat only dies back in the depth of the winter and then comes right back again.

It's a gorgeousplant.

Lilies; I love lilies in the garden.

If you have a sun garden you will always winwith lilies.

They come back every summer and give you so much joy, and they smell so good.

Okay this; I love unusual sunflowers, and this is a galtonia from South Africa.

It'scalled galtonia.

It's just beautiful; little white bells; does really, really well.

Butyou don't have to go just with bulbs.

Right here I have some petunias.

I love my littlecute petunias.

And this was just a small start when I started and it's really multipliedand it'll keep blooming summer through fall in a nice sunny spot.

Now, this is one ofthe most unusual flowers that I have in my garden at this moment and I love it.

It'scalled the tigridia, or Mexican shellflower.

It's from Mexico originally.

It's a iris family,and it blooms like a day lily.

Each bloom will come out and not last very long, butit's just exquisite.

They come in pinks, and yellows, and reds, and oranges, all differentcolors, and I just love em'.

It's one of the most beautiful sun flowers.

My black-eyedSusans, or rudbeckia you really can't lose with in the sun either.

They come back yearafter year, and they multiply really well, and they'll bloom summer through fall.

I justlove em'.

This one's liatris, or they also call em' gay feathers.

Liatris spicata isthe purple one.

I love it cause' bees love it, hummingbirds love it, and the, seems toall the butterflies love it.

It's a beautiful plant, great dried flower.

So, acidenthera,or gladiolus murielae is a beautiful plant.

They call it peacock orchid as well.

Lovesfull hot sun.

I've got canna lilies that love full hot sun.

One of my favorite plants iscrocosmia.

This one is beautiful.

It's called carmine brilliance, and it's a beautiful plantthat the original oranges came from South Africa, but they hybridized the differentcolors and shades and spotted ones in England.

It's a beautiful plant with a wonderful history.

I just love it.

Every sun garden should have some lavender too.

You need some fragrance.

So when I consider plants for my garden I always decide if I want fragrant or non-fragrantin big or small.

The lavender take a while to get really big and they smell so good.

They're one of the most beautiful plants in your yard.

So, in your sun garden you shouldhave a combination of plants.

I have my camellia bush, some bushes, I've got some grasses,and I've got a lot of perennial bulbs, and different kinds of petunias, and pansies,and marigolds.

So in your sun garden mix it up, just like you would a party.

You wantsome younger, older, bigger, smaller plants, and plants of all different interests, andplants that are going to appeal to you and others.

It's really easy to garden in thesun and there's not a lot of rules.

If you found a plant that says sun, plant it andinvite it to your party.

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