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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from vanveenbulbs.


In this segment we'll talk about, what kind of flowers should I put in my yard? Now whenI garden, I always remember that it's my garden, and your garden is your garden, and it's allabout you.

So when I'm planting flowers in my garden, I try not to take too many thingstoo seriously, because in the end it's all about me and what I enjoy.

And so, I liketo look on the Internet, onto different websites that give you lots of different ideas on whatto plant in your garden, but when it comes down to it, I just collect plants whereverI go, and that's a good rule of thumb.

If you go to a garden center, farmers market,and you see something that you like, and you've got a sunny spot, and it will do well in thesun, plant it there.

You don't always have to know the names of everybody that comesto your party to enjoy their company, so I try to remember the names of the plants thatI purchase, but of course I forget some of the names, and in the end, that doesn't reallymatter, because all that matter is, that you enjoy your garden, because it is an extensionof you.

You can have a very formal garden with everything marked, and everything simple,and not very crowded, or you can have just a big summer party and a big barbecue bash,and you can mix and match all different types of plants that like the sun or the shade,and just put groups of them all over, and you can move them around later, and you don'thave to be strict with it either, it's whatever you want to do.

So my favorite plants thatI have in my garden, and that I would definitely recommend, are the following plants; thisis my gold, millennium gold calla-lily, it likes full hot sun, and I love it becauseits got spotted leaves, and its got these bright lemony yellow flowers that last almostall summer long, and it will keep blooming for lots and lots of periods of time, andI love that it'll do full hot sun, more than shade, because I've got a lot of sun and itdoes really well.

This Cleopatra canna-lily is of course one of my most favorite plantsin my garden, and I've got some in the garden, I've got some in containers, I love the stripedleaves.

So when you're picking out plants, make sure to take in account what the leaveslook like, what the fragrances are, and if they're not fragrant, if they are fragrant,and it's all about you again.

I love the spots, and I love the different textures of the Cleopatra,it's gorgeous.

And I love all the tropical plants that we can get away with growing inthe northwest.

This is my mandevilla, or my mande-villa plants, and it's just a vine,but I love the bright red flowers, and I love that humming birds really, really enjoy it.

And next to that I have my gladiolus meriali, are also know as acidenthera, and I just loveit, it has a nice fragrance like grape bubblegum, and it has little spots in the middle thatare burgundy, that are just gorgeous, so it's a really, really, really pretty plant.

Butthere's another ten thousand to a hundred thousand plants that we haven't talked about.

So gardening to me is just like meeting everybody else that you meet in your life, you enjoytheir company when they're there, and you invite them over whenever you can, but yourealized that you can't possibly have every plant in the world in your garden, and it'sabout change, some plants stay for years and years, some plants go away after two years,but I never take it personally, because I know there's many more plants that I can meetin the future, that will enjoy my garden.

So when I'm trying to decide what kind ofplants to put in my garden, I look through magazines, I look through web pages, I lookthrough different websites that have different ideas, and I realize that plants will neverdo the same in my yard as they do in other peoples yards, just as people will never actthe same at your parties as they will at other peoples parties, but in the end, it reallydoesn't matter, all that matters is that you have a good time at your garden, and that'smy advice, just plant plants when you can find them, and enjoy their company when youcan.

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