Gardening Tips : Tips for Scrapbooking Flowers

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segmentwe're going to give you a few tips on scrapbooking flowers.

Now flowers come in all shapes andsizes.

But they're so beautiful when they bloom and then they're gone, and we don'tget to see them anymore.

There's many reasons that you can scrapbook your flowers.

You canmake a journal of your garden and take flowers out of your garden and just dry them and pressthem and put them into your scrapbook so you can enjoy them over the winter and rememberhow beautiful they really are.

You can make your own little cards with them or you couldput pictures with the actual flowers.

And there's so many creative things that you cando with dried or scrapbooked flowers.

So flowers come in all shapes and sizes and the morecolorful the better they are for scrapbooking.

Like this little violet is just perfect, ora pansy.

It has so much detail to it, it's just gorgeous.

And by just taking that offof the plant and putting it between two newspapers, or just one newspaper, just set it in there,put one heavy book underneath it, and then you just put any flower like this chrysanthemumright here is great for scrapbooking.

And I like real delicate flowers like this littleelysium.

But sometimes be careful with white flowers because they do fade and turn brownwhen you scrapbook them and sometimes don't look as good as the colorful flowers.

Butany type of flower will make a great, great hanging basket like this petunia but it willalso make a great scrapbooking item.

And geraniums – even a little geranium flower, when youlook at it closely, it just is gorgeous.

So you put all of these flowers together, eventhis little rose mallow – it's just gorgeous.

And you just put it in between two piecesof newspaper and kind of spread them out a bit.

And you can always add more newspaperas well.

But I found that these are not very moist flowers, they're going to dry prettyeasily and they're pretty thin.

So when you place them make sure that you place them sothat they're going to squish down or when they go flat that they're going to look good.

So a lot of times even by curling back a flower so that you can see the purple, because ifyou didn't curl it back it would just look more gray, but if you curl it back and pressit, then you're going to see all the color.

So that's the key is to really spread outthe flowers so that when they press you get to see them really well.

And then I just coverthem all up with newspaper and then I just put a heavy book on top of it and leave itfor a few days, and try to put it in the warmest room in the house so that it can really drywell, you don't want to keep it in a moist area because it will never dry.

But even afew flowers will dry really quickly.

And it's a really easy way to scrapbook them.

And I'llshow you real quick, just by pressing them how beautiful they are, even if they're notdry.

So the best part of scrapbooking is that you can save your flowers and you can putthem in your scrapbooks and you can enjoy them in ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fiftyyears from now.

And then can even pass them down to your kids in the future.

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