Gardening Tips : How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segmentwe are going to talk about how to keep fresh cut flowers fresh.

Now I love cut flowersin the house.

They are such a joy to smell and just enjoy, mmm they just smell so goodand they're great to have in your house and there is a few tricks that you can use tokeep them lasting a little bit longer.

Now the most important thing that cut flowersneed is fresh water so you can use aspirin, you can use bleach, you can use pennies, youcan add anything to the water but in the end you are just stopping the water from goingbad.

It is just like us drinking chlorinated water.

If I had a choice I would want freshwater, not chlorinated water and it tastes better when it is fresh and I think that theflowers have the same attitude, they want fresh water.

So the most important thing thatyou can do is every two to three days cut the stems one or two inches up and add freshwater.

You will find they last so much longer and another trick that I've found is if youactually cut the flowers under water then they soak up water and they don't soak upair and they seem to last a little bit longer and when you cut them too always cut flowersat an angle because it seems that they will soak up the water and they have more roomto soak up water.

If you can see on the stem it is turning brown on the bottom and it isnot going to be getting any more water but if I cut it under the water at an angle itwill last a lot longer.

I just change out the water and use fresh water and then itlasts so much longer.

And another trick especially with lilies is you just clean them up hereand there and with lilies as soon as they open take out the pollen and there is no proofthat the actual flower will last longer because the pollen's gone but it looks better andit lasts longer because you don't get pollen all over the flower and it just looks beautifulfor a lot longer.

Even roses a lot of time you'll have a rose and it will look reallybad because it is turning brown but if you just peel off the different petals that don'tlook good you'll find that that rose is gorgeous for another couple weeks.

So a lot of timeseven if your flowers don't look good by peeling just some of the bad petals off they'll lasta lot longer.

Another trick that I've found is when you are not home in the middle ofthe night or if you live in a colder climate and it is really cold and you have got theheater just cranked at night put the flowers in the coldest spot that you can without freezingthem.

So if you are gone all day just put them out on the back patio.

As long as theyare not freezing and it is cooler in the house in the Winter time and opposite, if it isthe Summer time too put your flowers down in the basement or somewhere where it is reallycool so that they will last a lot longer and that way when you are home you just put themout on display and it is just like you are putting in them in a cooler when you are nothome and a lot of times you can get one to two extra weeks out of your cut flowers thatway.

It is an easy way to have beautiful cut flowers for a long period of time.

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