Gardening Tips : How to Grow Sunflowers

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This is Yolanda Vanveen from Vanveenbulbs.


In this segment we're going to learn all about how to plant sunflowers, one of my favoriteplants.

Sunflowers are such a beautiful flower and they're so easy to grow.

There's manydifferent varieties.

There's the traditional sunflower that we get our sunflower seedsfrom.

There are other sunflowers in many other shapes and sizes that grow really well to.

They're actually pretty simple to grow.

These particular plants came in from the neighbor'syard.

I didn't plant these.

They actually just started growing in the other part ofthe beds.

I saw them coming up and recognized them as sunflower and transplanted over here.

Now, they're growing here.

That's how easy it is.

So, I never planted these the birdsdid, or the wind brought them in, but either way I'm enjoying them.

They are one of myfavorite plants in my yard.

It's easy to grow sunflowers.

They are just a little tiny seed.

A very easy way for me to start seeds is I take a seed packet and I put some seeds intoa napkin or a paper towel and then I wet that down and then I put it in a plastic bag.

ThenI leave it in a drawer in the house for one or two days and I check on it about once ortwice a day or every couple of days and maybe add water if it starts to dry out a bit.

Ijust started adding the bags because I realized it's a much easier way.

I was just doing iton a plate.

You'll check and you'll find that they'll get little starts, the seeds willhave little tiny starts on them.

So, when you find the seed and it has a start thenyou turn around and just barely put that start into the ground and you can grow your ownsunflowers.

Another easy way to grow sunflowers is by; in seed trays.

So, I'd fill this upwith the seed starting mix which is just pretty much potting soil with a little more vermiculitein it to get a little more air.

Then you just pop a few seeds in each tray.

Eventually they'llstart growing and get a good set of roots.

Then when they have a good set of roots youjust pop them into the ground.

You can actually take the seeds and put them right into theground just barely covering them up.

A lot of times they'll sprout right into the ground.

They're very easy to grow.

So, the key is once you have them planted is make sure andgive them lots of water, because they don't want to dry out too much.

If they're too dryyou'll lose them.

Let's make sure they get as much sun as possible.

They like full hotsun.

A little shade is OK if it's warm, but they seem to do really well in really sunnyplaces.

Outside of that; that's all you need to do.

Plant them and forget them and youcan enjoy them the rest of the summer.

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