Gardening Tips : How to Grow Flowers

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Hi, this is Yolanda from Vanveenbulbs.

Com,and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow flowers.

Some of my favorite thingsin the whole world.

So flowers can grow pretty much anywhere.

So there's flowers that cangrow in the shade, some that can grow in the sun, some that can grow in the woods, andsome that like to be around lakes and some that do best around the ocean.

But all flowerswill do well in almost any condition.

There's just a few things that you need to have.

Andone is sun.

You've got to have a place that they'll grow and do well in a sunny spot.

And you need good soil, good compost, or good potting soil to grow them in.

I really likeraised beds, I found my plants do the best in raised beds.

'Cause they've got good drainageand they get nice and warm in the summertime and they still get some heat in the wintertime,they don't seem to freeze as much in those raised beds.

So they seem to do really wellfrom year to year.

So you can grow flowers pretty much anywhere that weeds will grow.

So when you're sitting inside an area for flowers, I always check and see if weeds aregrowing there, flowers will grow.

So if you've got nothing but moss, then grow a moss gardenbecause you're going to have a hard time getting flowers to grow.

But there are some shadeplants that do have beautiful flowers, like Cyclamen and Colchicum.

And all types of fuschiasand hostas and there's lots of beautiful shade plants.

There's lots of beautiful sun plants.

So when you're deciding which flowers to grow, make sure and decide do you need them forcut flowers or do you just want them to look good in your garden.

'Cause the plants likeTigridia and day lilies are great in the garden but they don't make great cut flowers.

Onthe other hand, dahlias are great in the garden and they make great cut flowers and they'llgive you blooms from summer through the first frost, and even later 'til when it freezesreally hard.

So growing flowers is very rewarding and you can grow them whether you have justa little container in your studio apartment window or you have two acres to play with,it doesn't matter.

There's so much information out here, so just start inviting plants homewith you as you go to garden centers and farmers markets and before long you'll have your ownbeautiful flower garden.

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