Gardening Tips : How to Care for Tiger Lily Flowers

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Hi this is Yolanda from vanveenbulbs.

Com andin this segment we're going to talk about how to care for Tiger Lily Flowers.

Now TigerLilies are some of the most traditional, beautiful flowers that can grow in your garden.

Therejust big Lilies with beautiful orange flowers on em that kind of hang down.

And they'renot really mass marketed, so they're almost hard to find as a plant anymore.

Because they'renot usually used as a cut flower they kind of point down they break pretty easily sothey're not packaged as a cut flower so they're not grown commercially, but they're gorgeousin your garden.

You can grow them in containers or the ground just make sure that it's a fullsun or a part shady spot, and make sure that its got good drainage they don't want to sitright in water and use good composted or use good potting soil so don't just put them inclay where they're not going to look that great make sure and put them in some goodsoil.

So the bulbs themselves are just like any other lily bulb, so you can start themby the seeds.

You can actually save these little seeds or you can start them by thebulb.

So whenever they're done blooming too as long as the stems are green I leave thembecause that's getting energy down to the bulb and as soon as they turn brown or thelook pretty tacky then I just chop them off.

I just save the bulbs from year to year andyou can either leave them in the container or right in the ground and they're just atiny little bulb and just like a lily and they'll come back from year to year.

TigerLily flowers make great cut flowers they just don't package well so you can put them rightinto a vase with water and just chop the stems and change the water every couple days andyou'll find that the flowers will bloom for quite a while and they'll be great additionin your home or in your garden.

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