Gardening Tips : How Much Sunlight Does a Sunflower Need?

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This is Yolanda Vanveen from Vanveenbulbs.


Next we're going to learn all about how much sunlight does a sunflower need.

It's a questionthat I get asked a lot of times.

How much sun is sun? Can they handle shade? Do theyreally have to be in full sun? When I really think about sun and shade I realize it's notreally a condition of sun or shade it's warm and cold, because a sunflower can actuallyhandle a little bit of shade if it's still in a really hot spot near a patio or wherethe house isn't sitting, just a little bit of shade.

Usually if it's still really hotit can handle some shade.

But yet you can put a sunflower in full sun next to deep forestand it'll reach for the sun, because it's just got all the cold from the forest.

So,pretty much when I'm trying to find a spot for my sunflower make sure you give it fullhot sun all day, but a little bit of shade is OK, because a lot of times it will stillgrow.

Plants will surprise you.

This particular sunflower appeared in the back of my gardenabout a month ago.

It just started growing and I recognized it as a sunflower.

There'ssome beautiful sunflower bushes just down the street.

I think a seed just came up thehill, maybe a bird brought it, or who know the wind brought it.

But, I love them.

I lovesunflowers.

I love fact I didn't even plant it.

It came to me.

So, that's the gloriouspart of gardening.

Sunflower love full sun.

I've got it in full sun, but in the afternoonit gets a little bit of shade and it still loves the conditions.

So, how much sunlightdoes the sunflower need.

It needs full hot sunlight all day, but it'll handle a littlebit of shade if it's still in a hot spot near the patio or a fence.

As long as it's hotit should be fine, try.

A lot of times I've put some plants in shadier areas and they'vestill done well.

You'd be surprised.

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