Gardening Tips : Growing Peony Flowers

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, from VanveenBulbs.

Com,and we're going to learn all about how to grow Peonies.

They're such a beautiful plant,Peonies are one of my favorite flowers.

They have the most beautiful blooms, they're oneof the most beautiful flowers in the world.

They almost look like a rose or a paper flowerto me.

They come in dark, dark pinks, almost purples, and softer pinks, and whites, andall different colors.

But they're beautiful.

So when planting a Peony bulb, make sure thatthe eyes are up.

This is what matters, more than anything else.

I've actually found pieces,with pretty much no root at all, just the eyes, and they've still grown for me.

So whenyou plant them, you don't want them too deep, so you only plant them, maybe one, or twoinches deep at the most, above those eyes.

Because you don't want the eyes to be totallycovered up, they've got to be a certain warmth to come up.

And they won't bloom if they'retoo deep.

Now, Peonies bloom in May and June, so these have already bloomed.

But they stillhave really nice foliage, into the Fall.

So, as soon as the blooms are done, I just kindof snip them off and leave the foliage.

And as we get into the Fall, too, they turn areally nice brown, bronzy color, so they're really pretty for Fall color.

So that's kindof a bonus that you get from Peonies.

Another thing you've got to remember, is they've gotto have a thick set of roots to bloom.

So, if you plant them the first year, sometimesyou don't get blooms right away, the first Spring.

So don't be too hurt about it, ortake it personally, they need to be big to bloom.

So sometimes it takes, two, three,even four years to get lots of blooms.

Another trick, is putting like three or four bulbsreally close together when you start, because that way, they think they're crowded, andthey'll bloom much quicker.

And that way, they'll be happier, they like to be in groups.

And a lot of times, they don't like to be moved, so when you move them, you have tostart over.

But have patience, it's worth it, they're one of the most beautiful plantsin the world.

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