Gardening Tips : Growing Herbs With Flowers

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Hi this is Yolanda from vanveenbulbs.

Com andin this segment we're going to talk about how to grow herbs with flowers.

So whetheryou're growing herbs that have flowers on them or you're growing them in combinationswith flowers herbs are very easy to grow and all herbs do have a flower and all of themare beautiful too in their own way.

When you're selecting your herbs just to make sure toput them in a full sunny spot and give them good drainage and my oregano has a reallypretty purple flower on it and a lot of the lavenders have flowers and they're used asan herb.

Vanilla's a beautiful herb that's an orchid it's a vining orchid.

All herbshave flowers even garlic grows a big allium type garlic purple head on it and it's beautifulin the garden so when I'm selecting my different herbs for my garden I try to select herbsthat are beautiful in bloom and out of bloom because every plant has some type of a floweron it.

They're great separated in a separate herb garden or I mix all my flowers togetherI'll have lilies right next to my thyme and I'll have callillies right next to my rosemary,because they all grow in the same conditions and they're all beautiful in the garden.

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