Gardening Tips : Growing Edelweiss Flowers

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Hi, this is Yolanda from Vanveenbulbs.


And in this segment we're going to learn all about how to grow Edelweiss.

Or Edelweissif you want to pronounce it the German or Swedish way.

Now Edelweiss are a beautifulflower that grows in the mountains of the Swiss Alps.

So they can grow in your yardreal easily as well.

So in nature, they're found way up in the mountains in between rocks.

Growing on the cliffs of the Swiss Alps.

And they're related to other types of daisiesor astors and they bloom in the summertime.

They have little white flowers that are reallydelicate and they have a little bit of a soft gray furry look to them, so they're really,really pretty.

They're found in the Swiss Alps into Austria, and they're very, veryeasy to grow, you just put them in a sunny spot with good drainage.

They like lots ofearthy composted good drainage soil, with a lot of rocks in them.

And they'll bloomevery summer faithfully.

And they come back year after year.

And a lot of people notethat sometimes they do lose them over the years, but you can also start them again inthe spring.

They're really a beautiful plant that's easy to grow.

And they're one of themost famous plants in the world.

And known the world around from the Sound of Music.

Source: Youtube