Gardening Tips & Flowers : What Is a Transgenic Plant?

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segmentwe are going to learn all about transgenic plants.

What is a trangenic plant? There areso many words out there and it makes you just wonder is this botany or is this biology andthe cloning and all those questions and the ethics but all of that aside a transgenicplant is just a plant that has been crossed with another plant that has different qualitiesand it makes it a stronger plant or it makes it more drought resistant or more diseaseresistant or more frost resistant and it has been done very successfully with many differentplants and one of the examples is an LA hybrid plant and it is a cross with a long the formof an Easter Lily.

They have crossed an Easter Lily with an Asiatic plant which an Asiaticis not fragrant.

Those are the lilies that come up in the bright gorgeous colors butthey don't have a fragrance.

So they have crossed the two plants and they have comeup with a transgenic plant and that means that the LA hybrid has some of the qualitiesof both of the plants so they are two, totally two different plants that have been crossed.

So the key with transgenic plants is they have to be different varieties of differentplants.

You can't take the same plant, sometimes they will cross naturally, these always crossusually in a laboratory and they take the cells and they cross them.

But they also cando it just by taking and what they do is take the pollen from one plant and then put iton the stiles of another plant and that produces seeds that has the two qualities of the otherplant and it does happen naturally but in the case of the LA hybrid what has happenedis they crossed the Asiatic and the Easter Lilies.

They have come up with the lily thathas more chromosomes than people so they have the ultimate number of chromosomes and whathappens is it makes them very frost tolerant.

They can live in Alaska very well whereasa lot of the trumpet lilies can't survive in Alaska but the Asiatic can but by crossingthe two they have created a lily that is like the strongest lily in the world.

It is strongerthan an Asiatic.

I have heard reports of -50 degrees and they can survive and the trumpetlily can't even survive -10 or -20 generally.

So there is a lot of ethics involved too,a lot of grapes, they are crossing different plants with grapes and they are even realizingthat with wheat they can cross it with a bacteria that is found on moths or part of a DNA froma moth and they actually put it into the plants and what happened is they come out and madea disease resistant plant that also is lot of times bug resistant so transgenic reallyisn't that serious it just means crossing two plants to make a better plant.

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