Gardening Tips & Flowers : Planting Herbs Indoors

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segmentwe are going to learn all about planting herbs indoors.

Now I've enjoyed my container herbgarden all Summer long on my patio and they have grown really well and we have been ableto trim plants off or stems or leaves off as needed and now it is starting to freezeoutside, it is the end of November and I have got to get it inside.

You can see it has beenoutside and it has a little bit of frost damage.

There is leaves in with it so I can just cleanit up a bit and actually transplant it right into the container and the key with herb gardensinside is to make sure they get enough sun because they will get really lanky if theyare reaching for the sun and they love this location because I have got the artificiallight on every night so this is one of the only lights that is on at night in my houseso I have found that that is a great place to put your herb garden.

Make sure too thatit is a moister part of your house because the really dry dry upstairs is not going tobe as moist as the kitchen or the bathroom downstairs.

I have found they stay much warmerbecause of the humidity, you want to give them some humidity.

You never want to letthem sit right in water, you want to let them dry out in between and you can grow as manyherbs as you want any time of year inside and actually do really well and the greatpart about herbs is as they grow if they look tacky in any way you just trim them back andthey grow lush new growth and they will come back from year to year and it is such a treatto use some of your spearmint in a nice iced tea or oregano in a pizza sauce and you canenjoy your herb garden all Winter long and even until the next Summer.

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