Gardening Tips & Flowers : How to Sow Seeds Indoors

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HI, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segmentwe're going to learn all about, "How to sow seeds indoors".

Now you can sow seeds indoorsfor many, many reasons.

Maybe you live in a colder climate and you want a lot of flowersthat are from warmer climates to grow in your garden and you don't have a long enough season.

By starting them inside, they'll do really well and then they'll start growing and thatthey'll bloom that next summer.

So it's really easy to grow them indoors.

There's lots ofdifferent methods that you can use when you start your seeds and whether you use a littletray or the seed trays, you just put a little bit of soil in it and you can get any kindof a seed starter mix too that has a lot more earthy and airy soil in it and a lot of timesit has vermiculite in it and put, I just use compost.

And just put some compost in thereand put a little a bit of seeds in there, just barely covered, keep them moist but notsitting them water and eventually your seeds will start real quickly.

And another easiestway that I found to start seeds is to put the seeds in a napkin in a plastic bag.

Soyou just put the seeds in a napkin, get it wet and then put it in the plastic bag andkeep it moist but not just soak, as all water.

You wanted to keep just wet but not so thatit's just a bag of water.

And then check on it every couple of days and you'll find thatplants will start to sprout and in that time you can either put them in the seed traysor put them right out into your garden.

And it's a really easy way to start them indoors.

And right now a big trend is starting plants indoors but using mini green houses in effectand they're called Winter Sowing.

And you can put this actually outside too or put theminside and you just cut it open about half way, fill it with dirt, put some seeds inthere and open it up so it can get some air and even in outside the rain can come in andthen the plants have like a little mini green house and they'll start sprouting right insidethe container.

And because you've cut it half way and then taped it back up, you can justuntaped it and take the plants out and put them all over your garden, wherever you wantthe plants.

They works great with different types of, milk jugs too.

You just cut themhalf way, open it up, maybe add some more air holes too; if it doesn't, if it seemslike it's getting too much heat and the key that it's working is the condensation.

Ifthere's any condensation there, you know it's working.

So there's many different ways thatyou can start your seeds indoors and it's worth the effort and it can be very successful.

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