Gardening Tips & Flowers : How to Small-Container Garden (Kitchen Herbs)

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segmentwe're going to talk about how to small container garden using kitchen herbs.

Now there's alldifferent types of herbs in the world, and so when I decide what types of herbs to putin my small kitchen herb garden, I always look through my drawers and find out, andmy cabinets, what types of herbs do I use in my house.

And then I decide from there.

And remember that you have to give your herb some light, so you've gotta select a roomthat's got enough light.

So if you have a kitchen that only has one window, you mightcount on artificial light because they really want more than one window of light.

And Ifound that they do best in the morning sun.

Sometimes if it's in a hot afternoon sun location,they get kind of fried when the sun comes through.

So, think about those prospects orthose aspects when you're designing your garden.

This herb garden's been outside, it has beenon my deck, and we just trim that back, the plants, as we need 'em and now it's startingto freeze at night, so I want to try to get them to live through the winter.

So I brought'em inside and they might go through a little bit of shock and I might lose a little bitof 'em, but so far they're looking good.

And this is spearmint.

I love to use it with tea,or ice water.

It's a great plant and then there's different types of thyme which aregreat with any kind of meat or lamb.

And then oregano is wonderful with any kind of pizzasauce or spaghetti sauce, and then there's other types of rosemary and tarragon, I lovetarragon too.

It's a great, great addition to any type of beef.

So a kitchen garden ora small herb garden is really easy to create and you don't really need to have propertyor need to even have a patio.

As long as you have a sunny window, you can find the herbsthat you enjoy and just put 'em on a windowsill.

You can just put one container on a plate,and the windowsill as well.

Water 'em well, but let 'em dry out in between 'cause youdon't want to let 'em sit in water.

And trim out the leaves as they turn brown or theydon't look good because herbs love to regrow, so the more you trim 'em down, the more theygrow, and the more you succeed, and the more you can enjoy them.

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