Gardening Tips & Flowers : How to Grow Coleus

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment,we're going to learn all about how to grow coleus.

Now, coleus doesn't really have aspectacular flower or it's rarely flowers at all, but it's the foliage that's to diefor.

They have all types of stripes and colors and reds and purples, and they look like arex begonia.

They're just a gorgeous plant, and they're great as a house plant if youlive in a cold climate, or as an outside garden plant if you live in a warm climate.

But todiscover how to treat them and how to grow them, let's find out where they're from native.

So it's said that the coleus was first discovered in the Dutch colony of Java, which is nowIndonesia by Karl Ludwig Blume.

And they.

He brought it back to Europe, and it spread inpopularity all over the world.

And the coleus is actually a part of the mint family, soit's officially an herb and it will multiply and grow just like mint will.

But it differsfrom mint very much so that it cannot go below 60 degrees ever.

So almost like a poinsettia — you don't want to ever put it outside when it gets below 60.

So only in the heatof the summer, if you live in a really cold climate, can you put it outside.

But if youlive in a warm climate where it's over 60 all the time, they'll just thrive.

So theylike moist shade, but they don't want to sit in a bog of water either.

So you want to putthem somewhere where they can get a lot of shade, but still some filtered sun becauseif it's too shady, they won't grow either.

And keep them on the wet side, but still drythem out a little bit here and there, but never let them dry out completely.

But sayingthat, if they do dry out and you lose some of the leaves, if you just pull off or breakoff or cut off the dead leaves, a lot of times, new leaves will develop.

And even if you cutthem to the ground, a lot of times, they'll still grow as long as the roots are good.

They're really easy to take rootings, too.

You can start them by seed or you can actually.

Youcan take a stem and put it in water, and it'll grow a new root.

And then you turn aroundand just put that root in soil and it'll grow a new plant.

It's that easy to take cuttingsfrom a coleus.

So just make sure, never put them in hot, hot sun.

And as a house plant,never put them in the sunniest windows, but let.

Yet, give them a little bit of lightif you can, whether it's artificial or just through a window that's not really bright.

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