Gardening Tips & Flowers : How to Grow Chinese Forget-Me-Not (Cynoglossum Amabile)

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segmentwe're going to learn all about the Chinese Forget-Me-Not, and it's also known as Chinoglossum,or Cynoglossum Amabile, and it's a beautiful plant from China.

So, the Chinese Forget-Me-Notis just like the Forget-Me-Not, and it's from China so it can handle quite cold climatestoo, and it's a biennial.

That means the first year it'll come up and give you lots of foliage,but it won't give you blooms till' the second year, which sometimes you have to be patienton that one, which is a beautiful plant, and it's worth the effort.

And it has blue, white,and pink flowers, and it has spring through summer blooms.

They're great in zones fivethrough nine, so they don't like really hot climates and they don't like really, reallycold climates either, but any climate that's similar to China they thrive in.

They reseedthemselves every year, so if you start with one plant they'll just drop seeds for thenext year.

So, you can't really start them by division cause' they don't really makeit over the winter, but they easily reseed and you'll have em' for many years.

So, CynoglossumAmabile is an upright annual or biennial, growing to a height of about twenty inches,and it has dull green hairy leaves, and flowers, and racemes, and they're generally blue; althoughwhite and pink ones are available too.

And they're produced in the spring through thesummer, and it self-seeds very readily.

And they're great in zones five through nine,so they do really well in almost any conditions.

Just make sure you give em' lots of sun, andgood drainage, and water em' well when they're blooming in the summer.

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