Gardening Tips & Flowers : How to Grow Bridal Wreath (Francoa Ramosa)

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segmentwe are going to learn all about the bridal wreath plant also known as Francoa Ramosa.

It's a beautiful plant from Chile.

Chile is a small long pencil shaped country at thevery bottom of South America so the climate is very similar to the Pacific Northwest.

They get a lot of the ocean current and they get a lot of the ocean temperatures.

Theyhave the Andes Mountains in between just like we have the Cascade Mountains and so mountainousplants do really well there as they would in any climate that is similar and what Ilove about Chile is it goes across the 45th parallel and if you see that any plant thatgrows along the 45th parallel does well because there is equal seasons.

There is three monthsof Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter just like the northern hemisphere if you go across thePacific Northwest and across all of America even into New York you will find that thetemperatures are very similar and that they have seasons but the difference is the Pacificocean is a much warmer ocean than the Atlantic ocean so we have much milder temperatureson the West Coast then the East Coast does on the northern parts.

But what I love aboutChilean plants is that they do really well in the Pacific Northwest in many other climatesbecause they can handle a lot of cold temperatures.

They call it bridal wreath or maiden's wreathbecause the blooms look just like a head band.

They are tiny little white and pink flowersthat are all connected and you can just take a stem of flowers and put it into a knot andput it on your head and make a perfect little wreath and it is perfect for your bridal veiland in the older days a lot of people would do that.

They make great cut flowers whetheryou wrap them into a wreath or you put them straight up and down.

They are a beautifulcut flower.

The most important thing to remember is to don't put them in full hot sun.

Putthem in a little bit of shade so give them some afternoon shade or a little bit of protectionor a little bit under a tree because they can burn if they get hot sun on them and waterthem well but let them dry out in between.

They like really wet Winters but they likereally hot Summers and the key is never let your Francoa Ramosa dry out because if itdries out you'll lose it and as long as you keep it moist but not sitting in water ina pond it will thrive and come back for years and years and years.

It is the most ultimatebridal wreath.

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