Gardening Tips & Flowers : How to Grow Blanket Flower (Gaillardia Grandiflora)

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segmentwe're going to learn all about gaillardia grandiflora also known as the blanket flower.

So gaillardia or blanket flower is found from southern America all the way down throughMexico into South America.

So they love hot full sun and dry hot summers.

They like hotfull sun and really dry summers.

They want to drink some water but they want to reallydry out in between.

They look just like little sunflowers but they come in gorgeous colors,reds and yellows and bright pinks and purples and they're named blanket flower because whenthe Europeans came to America, they found them everywhere and the Native Americans hadblankets that had all the different colors in them.

So the fields of the gaillardia remindedthem of the Indian blankets so they called them the blanket flower.

So gaillardia getsto be about three feet tall and you can actually dead head them and cut the blooms off as theyfade and they'll produce more blooms over the summer and they'll bloom into the falltill the first frost.

And they're an annual so you have to start them by seed every springand that way you can enjoy them every summer and you'll enjoy those gaillardias, they'rea great, great flower.

Source: Youtube