Gardening Tips : Does Sugar Prolong the Life of Cut Flowers?

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Hi this is Yolanda for vanveenbulbs.


Inthis segment we're going to answer the question "does sugar prolong the life of cut flowers?"and my answer is, sure it does.

When you cut a flower what happens is that it's separatedfrom the bulb and it is in water but it has no nutrition so by adding a little bit ofsugar, you can actually prolong the life of a cut flower.

Flowers get energy through photosynthesisso what happens is it gets light hits the leaves the energy goes to supporting the plants.

When you cut it off from its bulb it's not getting any extra nutrition, it's not gettingany minerals from the compost of the potting soil, it's not getting any food through itsroots so by adding a little bit of sugar you can actually have the flower last a littlebit longer.

My theory is that plants are like people, when you go to visit someone's houseyou really want fresh water more that anything else.

You can have chlorinated water, youcan have sugar water, or you can have fresh water, and in the end healthy.

To be healthyyou should have that fresh water by just cutting the stems of your flowers and changing thewater every few days you're prolonging the life of your flowers because you're givingit more water and a way to soak up that water, and fresh water because no one wants to drinkreally sugary water or chlorinated water we all want fresh water.

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