Gardening Tips : Collecting Seeds From Flowers

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Hi, this is Yolanda from Vanveenbulbs.


And in this segment we're going to learn about how to collect seeds from flowers.

Now it'sso rewarding to grow your own flower garden and it's really easy.

You can go to the gardencenter or farmers market and buy expensive seed packets or you can go to mail order andhave things shipped in, but you can collect your own seeds yourself and it's really easy.

And the trick is as soon as your plants are done blooming, and they've made their littleseed pods, and before it's starting to rain and freeze really hard, at night, that's thebest time to collect them.

So this is the Liatris stem, and you could dead head it andjust cut it and throw it away but this is full of seeds.

And there's thousands of plantsin there.

So an easy way to collect your seeds is just throw them in an envelope or a paperbag and you can just break them apart.

And so I just kind of take all these little piecesoff and put them in there in my envelope.

And you can break them apart into little piecesor you can just totally shatter it or leave it whole and break it up later in the springwhen you plant them.

But it's really easy to do.

So this is Liatris, I would just markthat Liatris and then I'm just going to replant those in the spring.

Or you can throw themout right now.

Now this is a little Acapanthus.

And so you can see it's making all these littleseed pods.

And inside of them there's all these little seeds.

So they're just littleblack seeds, and it takes a while for a plant to grow from a seed, so an Acapanthus mighttake five years to give you a bloom, or even longer if you start it from a seed as opposedto a root.

But it's still worth the trouble, and it's so easy, you just save them.

Anda lot of times it's best to wait til they're dry, but when I think about it and I don'thave a lot of time I'll even take some seed pods when they're a little bit green still,and a lot of times they'll dry and the seeds will still be fine.

So it's better than, youknow, throwing them out.

But you can really tell when they're ready and you open it andit's just covered with seeds.

These are just thousands of seeds in here.

And they're justreally beautiful.

So they're very easy, so make sure and mark them or wait and plantthem later.

And then this is my little bugbane, or cimicifuga plant which is also I can growby root or by seed, and the same thing, you just wait 'til the seed, the flower itselfdies back and it makes all these little seed pockets, and you just save the little seedsin the envelopes, or in a paper bag, it's really easy to do.

Now most plants make seedpods.

So this is a Canna lily.

And these are actually big seed pods, so you can turn aroundand plant those now or wait until the spring and plant them, and you'll find you'll startlots more plants.

So you don't have to save your seeds and you don't have to dead head,your plants will come back no matter what you do.

But it's also an easy way to shareyour plants with others, so I'm saving all these seeds to bring to my local garden cluband we're going to have a seed exchange at our next meeting.

It's a great way for meto share my plants with others and to maybe get some new plants from someone else.

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