Gardening Tips : Care for a Stargazer Lily

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Hi this is Yolanda from Vanveen bulbs dotcom.

And in this segment we are going to talk about how to care for a stargazer lily.

Nowstargazer lilies are one of the most popular lilies in the world.

And funny enough theywere just hybridized in nineteen sixty six in Burkings, Oregon.

So they weren't hybridizedthat long ago to be so popular.

But they've taken the world by storm.

They are a beautifulpink, fragrant lily that's used in arrangements and as a potted plant and as a cut flower.

And they are gorgeous, gorgeous plant to grow.

So a stargazer is just a lily bulb.

So itlooks just like a garlic.

They are all related.

And each clove will eventually grow into it'sown lily.

But I always like to keep them contained in total because that way if you plant thelily anytime of the year, they'll come up in bloom every summer and bloom beautifully.

So when I plant them I like to do groups of three or more, in a triangle.

And plant themabout three inches deep.

And then that way they'll do really well and grow very nicelyfor you.

So you can plant them in the ground or in containers and they'll come up and bloomevery summer.

So even if you give them as a gift at mother's day and they are done blooming,and they die, never throw them away.

Always throw them back into the garden or just leavethe pot outside and they'll come up and bloom every summer.

So theoretically once they aredone blooming what you should do is chop them off so as soon as the blooms are done, youjust chop the top of the plant off and as long as the leaves are green you should leavethem because that creates energy.

The photosynthesis goes back into the bulb and it will multiplyquicker.

So as soon as these stems die back to brown to the bottom I will just chop themoff.

And I'll just throw it to the side and over the winter either in the greenhouse ornext to the house or even outside it doesn't really matter and then I'll throw them backoutside in the hot sun about April, May and they'll come up and bloom next year, nextsummer.

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