Gardening Tips : Can Aspirin Prolong the Life of Cut Flowers?

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this sectionwe're going to talk about how does aspirin prolong the life of cut flowers? Now, I lovecut flowers in the house.

They're so beautiful, and they smell, ah they smell so good, andthey're such a joy to have in the house.

And there's different ways that you can prolongtheir life, and there's lots of different theories, but my theory in the end is givingyour flowers water is just like giving yourself water.

You can have fresh water, or you canhave chlorinated water, or you can have sugar water, or you can have pop, or you can haveany type of beverage that you like, but in the end the best water for us is pure, cleanwater.

So, by using aspirin you're just stopping the water from getting mucky.

By adding aspirinyou're stopping the water from going bad, and it's just like adding chlorine, or addinganything else that's going to stop the water from turning murky.

I could have chlorinatedwater or I could have fresh water, and my choice would be fresh water.

So, in the endI have found with my cut flowers by taking the flowers out, and cutting the stems a coupleinches every few days, and adding fresh water you can prolong the life of the flowers muchlonger than any other method.

Source: Youtube