Garden Landscape – Top Five Fall Flowers

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-Looking about color and interest to youryard this autumn? Try Fall Annuals.

They're perfect for swapping out tired plants in yoursummer container gardens, tucking into beds and borders for more seasonal color or addingfresh looks to your front door, patio or deck for the fall.

Here are 5 fantastic fall annuals.

Ornamental peppers are easy to grow and very colorful fruits in shades of red, orange,yellow, blue, purple and even black.

Some ornamental peppers are spicy hot.

Others havenon-pungent fruits and are safe to grow around small children.

In addition to their fruits,some variety show off lovely their irrigated foliage as well.

Peppers do not tolerate frostso they will need to be covered or protected if frost is predicted.

Pansy's a fall favoritethat offers cheery, edible flowers in shades of red, orange, yellow, white, purple andblue.

Pansies are very hardy and take cold temperatures with these in many areas.

They'llsurvive the winters if planted in the ground and bloom again the following spring.

Strawflower is an old-fashioned variety that features colorful flowers with paper-like petals.

It'sperfect for use in dried floral crafts.

The blooms appear in shades of yellow, orange,red, pink and white.

Like ornamental peppers, it doesn't tolerate frost.

So, protect strawflowers from freezing temperatures.

Flowering kale, a relative of cabbage, adds wonderfultexture to the fall garden with its colorful pink, purple or white leaves.

It's amazingwhen paired with purple pansies and holds up well to freezing temperatures.

Kale orborecole is commonly thought of as a summer annual, but it holds up well the cold temperatures,too.

It's a natural for fall container gardens.

The jewel-toned flowers come in nearly everycolor and it has a sparing trailing habit making the fun choice for cascading over theside your fall containers.

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