Funny Valentine’s Day Sketch: Franky’s Flowers Ep. 4 of 4

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Oh, hey! Welcome to Franky's Flowers, we're herefor all your holiday needs, how can I help you? I, I need help, I cheated on my girlfriend.

Ah,say no more, you silly little idiot, look you can't cheat on your girl.

OK, big mistake.

But don't worry, here at Franky's Flowers we'll take care of you.

It's gonna to take some work, but wecan do it.

Stay there.

Alright, talk to me, give me details, alright, now how long have youbeen with this girl? Two years.

Two years? Pretty long time to do something so stupid.

But don't worry, we're gonna start off with our dozen roses white ok white purity is goingto cleanse the soul like a spring Ok.

Now tell me, how did she catch you? Gave her akey to my apartment, brought the other girl back to my apartment, girlfriend walked intomy apartment.

You silly stupid man, you're dumb.

Help me.

Don't worry we're gonna fixit, you're gonna get her a big ol' bear ok these always work.

you get her a bear andgive it to her and say this is from me and overtime you hug her you are hugging me, right?Now, do you like this girl? I love this woman.

You love this woman? Ok? You wanna make thiswoman your wife? I do.

Ok, well perfect, then you have to get her a bundle it really showsthat you care.

Now understand this, ok, love is cheap.

Sorry is expensive.

Ok, it's gonnacost ya.

I'll pay anything.

That's what I like to hear.

Now we are talking, now we canfix some relationships here, not we can fix all the problems you started.

OK, so now youare going to need to get her a second bundle.

With flowers, classic, girls are going tolove that.

Ok, we're also going to get her a little heart pillow, OK? So she can keepit next to her cute little ears.

And you're gonna wanna get her a red shiny heart.

OK?Girls love red shiny hearts, OK? It's like a representation of your heart.

Alright? Nextwe're gonna get her a big old card.

You're gonna have to write that out to her fill itall out I want it all in perfect, you think you can do that for me? You know how to write?Of course you know how to write.

You cant go without the classics, alright, you're gonnawant another box of chocolates.

OK, more chocolate, all the different ones.

But that's not all,a few more roses, red ones, traditional.

Now, i think we are looking good.

Now real question?Yeah? What are we getting the other girl? Uhhhh No.

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