Freeform Watercolor flowers

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Hey everybody! This week I am the host of the Mix-ability challenge at Splitcoast and I decided to use an April showers bringMay flowers theme and ask people to make free-formwatercolor flowers.

You're not going to believe how easy thisis – you can use any watercolor, you can use reinkers, you only need a paintbrush and some water.

What I'm doing here is painting justblobs of water onto watercolor paper (this is Strathmore Ready-Cut) and I'm using my Mission Gold watercolorI have those off-camera.

First I just touch the brush with alighter red to the blob and then come back with the darker red and my favorite magic trick – I touch thecenter with a little bit of yellow.

Most yellow pigments will sort of pushother pigments away and so it gives you that beautifulflower center.

Flower number two same thing blob a light pink let go of your OCD – don't try to make a flower shape out of the water I think it's prettier and more fun and more sort ofdreamy if you just let it happen naturally.

Don't overwork – that's something that is very hard to resist – I think you'll be happier if you don't.

So on to flower number three we are lessthan two minutes into this card and it's almost done which is one of the thingsthat I really love about watercolor.

Add yellow to the center and I got a lot of yellow pop on this one which I love, so I went back and added a little bit more to the others.

I also have a tiny bit of white spaceshowing through which I like.

Now I have left this to air dry – I wanted thehard edges at the edge of the flowers so I let it air dry but you can also useyour heat gun if you want, just know that the pigmentis going to get pushed around a bit if you do.

Now I'm using Silver Brushes here – theblack velvet series and I love these brushes.

I'm ju'ts doing very quick little flicks togive the appearance of stems with just a light olive color from theMission Gold and then I'm also going to flick from thebottom of the card stock to add just a little bit of texture of some grass.

It lookeda little empty to me and I didn't really want to fillin with the sky and wanted the white of the paper to show through.

Now I'm lining this up on my grid padjust to be sure that when I cut it down for a card front my image fills the entire space and Idon't have a white section at the bottom that's what you'll see me doing there.

I needed a little darker green so Ipicked up just a little bit more paint, I actually don't have much paint on thispalette I was swatching when I created the palette and so I didn't actually fill them and so I need a little bit morepaint on here.

But it's ok because I wanted this to be soft so I just finished up with the grass and then when the card was done Iadded some Nuvo Drops in the center as well as some Wink of Stella just for alittle bit of shimmer you can see how easy and fun these free-form watercolorflowers are.

I hope you join us at the Mix-Ability challenge and I hope you trythis for yourself! Thanks so much for watching.

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