Fondant Flowers for Princess Doll Cake | Birthday Cakes

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So now that we have completed the base, whichis the dress, and we also gave her a top and we've also added a nice little bow to herdress, what you want to do is maybe give her some accessories.

I think we'll put some flowerson here, maybe even make her some flowered earrings.

I have a cool little tool here,it's a little plunger, and it makes a little flower for you.

For this what you want todo is we are just going to put some sugar and corn starch on the table and we're goingto take just a little piece of fondant, and you kind of want to roll this until it's alittle thinner than 1/4, because we don't want the flowers too thick.

And we're goingto knead this and roll it out, and I think that's thin enough.

And then you're goingto take your plunger and what you want to do is you want to push it in and then youwant to pick up your flower.

You see? There is a little piece of fondant that's rightin there.

And then to get it out you want to put a little water, just so that it sticks,and I'm just going to give her some earrings with this.

So you're going to hold her andyou're going to push this in.

And there you go: she has some earrings.

And then we'regoing to do the same thing for the other side, and then we're going to give her some earringson the other side.

We are going to push this in, and there you go, she has some earrings.

Now, there's more than one size.

So I'm going to use a bigger one, to maybe give her someflowers on her dress.

And we can use the same piece of fondant as well, and again we'regoing to add some water, and you can stick these anywhere on her dress.


And youcan do this all over her dress, give her a couple of little flowers.

And you can chooseany color.

You can do it in a pattern, you can do it randomly, it all depends on howyou want to decorate your dress.

And there you have it.

We've made the bottom of herdress out of a dome cake, we've covered that in fondant, we've given her a nice littletopyou can use a heart cutter to make that we've added our bow and our ribbon, we'vegiven her some earrings, and we've given her some flower details on her dress.

Now youcan add lots more: you can, you know, maybe put flowers all the way around, you know itall depends on how much you want to decorate your princess doll.

But I think any littlegirl would appreciate this for her birthday party.

And the last thing we are going todo is we're going to make her a nice little ribbon for her here.

The last word might be""hair"".


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