Foam Flower Crafts for Kids : Making Rose Petals for Kids’ Crafts

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Now I'll show you how to make a rose out ofFun Foam.

You're going to need a piece of red Fun Foam, or whatever color rose you wantto make.

You want to have a cutout, a bottom leaf section for the bottom of the flower,and a couple of leaves with a little bit longer stem end.

You'll need a skewer and the floraltape.

The rose flower has a more rounded petal,and we're going to cut four sort of round, stubby petals.

So I'm going to cut two ata time.

I cut two little squares like that, or fairly larger squares, and just make sortof a shape, almost an oval, not really a circle, a shape like this.

Then cut up about 3/4 ofan inch.

Make two more of those.

So we'll cut a strip like that, two squares and we'llput them together.

Just cut pretty much the same size, maybe a little bit smaller forthe second batch.

But you can trim your petals as you're going.

Cut an inch to 3/4 of aninch there.

Then the last shape we'll be cutting is avery long skinny shape with two little points on the end, sort of like a big smile.

We'llstart by putting our bottom leaf circle there.

Then take a petal and fold, take the two endsfrom where we split and fold that to give the petal some shape, and we're going to piercethrough the center of the two flaps and put that on.

The next petal will go opposite thefirst petal.

Again, fold the flaps over and pierce through the center like this, and justarrange it opposite the first petal.

Then we'll put on the next two petals in the sameway.

When you go to the next two petals, you might want to fold in even tighter, and thatmakes the petal close up even tighter so that the outside petals are a little wider, a littlemore open and this next petal is going to be tighter and more rounded in.

Do the samewith your fourth petal.

Pull that, flap those over fairly tightly.

The more you overlapthem, the more rounded this petal will be.

If you feel like you have too much here, youcan even cut out a small triangle of material, and that way you can really pull that in niceand tight.

Again, pierce through the center of both of those petals.

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