Foam Flower Crafts for Kids : Making Lily Petals for Kids’ Crafts

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Now I will show you how to arrange the petalsand put the center in.

So you have your petals all sticking straight you can bend the pipecleaner like this.

You want to do a pretty tight bend here and then a little curl onthe bottom.

And do the same thing with all of you petals.

Going all the way around.

Atight bend at the top almost, almost completely folded over because the fun foam will wantto stretch out a little bit.

And bend that down and put a little curl on the end.

Andthen you just arrange this until you like the look.

There that's our lily.

And now wewill make a center.

So for the center I am going to take a yellow pipe cleaner and I am just going to twista little circle on the bottom there and then do one more.

Like so you have an eight soyou have like two little circles on the bottom.

This way we can put the skewer in here tosecure the skewer that on to the skewer.

Bend this part in half and again in half like that.

Now if you want those little brown bits that you find at the end of the lily's.

You put,you make a little brown piece about an inch and just fold it in half like that and giveit a twist and you can, and just twist bend that over like that.

You can twist up theyellow pipe cleaner to hold tight also.

And again.


And then twist this together.

Youcan make a couple of these and put those right on the center.

If you put the skewer in theone loop and then come though the other loop that holds it on there nice and securely.

And then you can trim off the extra skewer and we will arrange our flower nicely.

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