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Good evening, I'm looking for a certain Emma Coleman Oh, it's me Perfect, these are for you.

To sign pleasure here, here.

the initials here.

Great, good evening! You too Ready? Hello darling, you like flowers? Yes, they are very cute.

Just "cute"? I got them just for you, "cute" is the best adjective that comes to mind? Yes sorry, I mean you are gorgeous That's better.

By the way do not forget that we go out to dinner tonight! And please, no heels this time.

No, of course.

oh, by the way today Yes yes yes, I read the email in your prof.

well then we'll see you tonight! Yes I can not wait I love you! I love you too Emma I.

Shut up.

Well sorry but.

I already know what you're gonna tell me, you shut up Today is the third, the third in less than eight hours! I know I'm a very lucky girl! But it's not just the flowers.

Oh I thought we were talking about the flowers Ok if you're not going to listen.

Emma look I'm listening to you That's not how you'd react I'm just worried I know what you think, but you do not know him.

We are in love.

I warn you, if we eat here again risk of explosion! Stop being so dramatic! Well I bet Emma here is haute cuisine gets every night with Chris Speaking of the devil.

Hello everyone Hello! Oh forward, even french fries! So you kill me! Oh sorry, I can always take something else.

No no, it does not matter, you have to pay so now eat them, I suppose What are you doing? What about you? So we go out after you have finished doing.

whatever you're doing? Oh no, we do not go out tonight more Oh.

so we skip dinner and go straight to the theater? Did not you hear what I said? We do not go out tonight.

Then I have already given away tickets Thing? I'm sorry? You gave away my tickets? Hey, look at how you talk.

I'm sorry, it's just that it took a lot for.

Do not we could go! They were useless! I would not be sorry to go alone.

So you would not mind to leave me here alone? – It 's so proving your love? Do you think I like to spend the night at work? – Have a minimum of respect for me and what I did for you? Treasure.

I'm sorry.

I love you, you know that I love you.

Look, get out of another time, when we are both less nervous.

Ok? Ok.

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