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Hi,Welcome back, this is clip from my recent visit to a Plant and Flower show that happenedto took place near my home.

There were various kinds of gardening plantthat were shown.

If you like gardening and looking for somevery special kind of flowers and plant you may happen to see in this video.

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You can see here how plants and flowers arearranged in beautiful pattern.

I don’t know much about gardening but herethere is certainly something to learn about it.

One of the important factors of having a beautifulgarden is preparation of soil, garden layout and its maintenance.

For example you can see these orchids thatare neatly arranged on this bamboo stick.

This kind of idea never came to my mind Ido have lots of orchids in my garden though.

Also they are neatly put on the tree brancheshere that creates a neat look.

Now you can see some flowers that quiet popularand planted in gardens These are small heighted colorful plant calledIpomoea, I suppose Some creamy white lily varietiesA large colorful flower that looks good in garden is the Dahlia Flowers.

Some more short heighted flowers may be SweetWilliam Yellow and Orange Chrysanthemum FlowersThis is a White Daisy Flower very good looking one, I have this in my gardenSome budded rose varieties These are various varieties of Adenium Plantthere is another plant called Singapore plumeria obtuse that has beautiful flower too and youcan also check the Gardenia that look like snowy white rose.

Then these are various cactus varieties thatneeds very little water because they are known to grow in dry deserts too.

Now there are various flower decorations andarrangements from here.

This is first one very beautifully arrangedthe flower here is Anthurium that symbolizes Hospitality.

All flowers symbolizes different emotionsand events you can check the list of flowers and its related emotions or events in thevideo description.

Some more flower decorationsNice flower décor on gift wrapping great idea.

Rose and clothes arrangement.

Cake made of White ChrysanthemumLily flower arrangements Red Gerbera Daisy with red rose nice combinationI think they are cedar flowers more decors.

Cedar are known to produce cedar wood thatis quiet frequently used in furnishing.

Some of the photography took with great precisionI am showing this as an optional extra.

This is some kind of moss plant variety goodto keep on fence walls.

There is some other similar kind of plants.

Some vegetable plantsGood idea to grow climbing vegetable plants.

All flowers and plant were also availableto buy here and I bought some good and rare plants and flowers too like oxy daisy, adhenia,chrysanthemum violet one etc.

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