Flowers for Shade Gardens : Green Goddess Calla Lily Flowers for Shade Gardens

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Calla Lilies are a great addition to yourshade garden, but remember when you're planting Calla Lilies, at least in the North West,there's only two varieties that do well in the shade.

That's the large, Traditional WhiteCalla Lily and the Green Goddess Calla Lily.

All of the short colored Calla Lilies needfull hot sun and good drainage.

They do no like the shade, will not bloom well in theshade but if you've got a shade garden the Green Goddess and the White Calla Lilies area must.

My favorite Calla Lily out of all the Calla Lilies is the Green Goddess.

It'sjust a gnarly looking bulb.

It doesn't look very fancy; it looks kind of like a pieceof dirt but when I plant it you'll see a bulls-eye or leaves, you can see where the leaves wherefrom last year and you see all these little eyes on the sides, those will all grow.

So,you plant it in shade, but it will do a lot of sun as well, about three inches deep andthat should be enough.

You can plant it a little deeper but I found that it takes awhile to get warm enough to do much.

So, you don't necessarily have to plant it that deepand it will do really well.

The Green Goddess will grow right in a bog of water, right inyour pond, but make sure it doesn't freeze solid in the winter time; you might lose itif it's right in the water and the water freezes solid.

In the ground, I've never lost thembut if they are in a pot, bring the pot inside in the garage or at least against the eavesso it's dry for the winter.

And, the best part of the Green Goddess is that it bloomssporadically year round.

I have had blooms at Thanksgiving, I've had blooms at Easter,I've had blooms in the middle of Winter.

Some years it never dies back.

And the foliageis a little bit softer green, like a lime green, so it's very spectacular in your garden.

And it stays about two or three feet tall, but I've seen a fifteen-year-old plant astall as my Suburban, it got about 8 feet tall, but, it had been watered really well and hadbeen there for years and years.

So, it's just a spectacular shade plant, if you don't haveany other plants in your shade garden, get a Green Goddess.

She is the goddess of allplants.

Next, we'll talk about the Traditional White Calla Lilies.

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