Flowers for My Life Episode 1 English (CC)

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F u n S u b s © ~*Flowers for My Life*~ <i>Mother softly walked her way up the hill.

</i> <i>Mother was greeted by the sweet familiar scentthat tickled at the top of her nose, which led her there.

</i> <i>There she was greeted with the mostbeautiful scenery in the world.

</i> <i>After she had that dream, mother wentto buy the lottery immediately.

</i> <i>However, she got me instead of winning the lottery.

</i> <i>Just me only.

</i> <Episode 1> I absolutely love the smell of money.

What is this? This is that 'thing', for keeping dead people's ashes.

[Na Ha-Na's Treasure] Money.


Already paid up in order to see Granny.

Why did they run away? What's so scary about Granny anyway? Right? <i>I absolutely love dead people.

</i> [Traveling Campanion Funeral Parlor] <i>Thanks to dead people, my father canmake some money.

</i> <i>I can also make some money.

</i> I'm truly sorry towards you all.

for having to leave so suddenly.

– Teacher.

– Teacher.

However, to me now, compared to the rationale of being a teacher, the rationale of being a wife is more appropriate.

My husband doesn't have much time left now.

Before he leaves this world, my wish to stay by his side to accompany him.

can you all understand? – Yes.

– Yes.


Don't cry anymore.

Let this be a farewell.

Say whatever you wish to say to teacher.

Oh, Ha-Na, go ahead.

Please have our family handle the funeral.

<i>For other people, death is synonymous with tears.

</i> <i>For me, it is an everyday affair.

</i> [Princess Inn] – Isn't she Na Ha-Na?- Oh, yes! But why is an alien entering a inn? Don't you know? She's well-known in this alley.

Why? How many days has it been? 4 days.

Which room number? Number 211.

Give me the keys.

Call the Police.

Oh my, I'm going crazy.

I really shouldn't have accepted youngwoman who checked in on her own.

How am I going to do business if people knowthat someone died in that room? – It's gone up to 20,000 won.

– What? Are you asking more from me only? Do you want to verify it yourself next time then? Call me again if there's anything.

Just do a good job for the chanting, chanting! There are many drowning incidents during summer.

Lady Boss Kong must be responsible for this!Spit it out, our Ha-Na's money! Take a look.

How do I spit out anythingwhen I didn't swallow anything? Didn't you say you would give her interests?A certain amount of interests? That's what I thought too.

But I didn't expect things to turn out this way.

I'm also a victim, a victim.


What are you doing? Can't you seethat I'm almost drawing my last breath? Are you afraid that people don't know that you're the lady bossof a funeral parlor? Fancy talking about last breath.

If it is that easy, your family would be stayingin a high-rise building already! Lady Boss Kong!If it is that easy, your family would be stayingin a high-rise building already! Lady Boss Kong! My eardrums almost burst! What do you want me to do? How about selling me off to a deserted island? Sell me off to a deserted island and take the money! I don't care whether you are goingto a deserted island or to a mountain! Just hurry up and pay back my daughter's money!Do you know what money is that? That is her hard-earned money from young! She didn't even bearbuying a single sweet with it! Do you know that? Of course I know that.

Who doesn't know that Ha-Na ispossessed by the money-ghost? What? Money-ghost? A woman like you! Really.

Is my money.

really not coming back? How can it possibly come back? It has no legs.

– Ha-Na!- Ha-Na! [Na Ha-Na's Treasure] There are too many precious memories here.

If I want to start afresh, I need to leave this place.

Why are you sleeping there again? Following your father's order, doing self-reflection here.

What is it this time around? I drank some wine and spent some time withthe guests at the bereaved family's house.

The guests were full of praises.

Only your father was fuming mad.

Where are you going? Mother.

You will buy me a refrigerator when I get married, right? – Why talk about a refrigerator all of a sudden?- You will buy me one, right? Since my precious daughter wants one,how can I not buy for her? Thank you, mother.

Then I shall think of it as I've alreadyreceived the refrigerator.

– What are you talking about.

– Who? Who laid a finger on my safe? Is it.

is it you.

[Chun Cheon via Seoul] Get off the bus now! Otherwiseyou are dead meat if I catch you! Call home often! Once you leave home, it's the end for you!I'll delete your name off the family register! Have regular meals! I'm calling the Police! Do you think that stealingmoney from your father is not an offence? Don't just walk with your eyes glued to the groundto look out for money! Keep a look-out for guys! Why are you talking about guys? Aren't you worried about Ha-Na? It's abnormal to just think of moneyinstead of guys at her age! Who else can she take after then? You like money too! That's because I lack money to spend since marrying you!Who else can she take after then? You like money too! That's because I lack money to spend since marrying you! Wha.

what? [Looking for a job? Want to be a worker?] <i>Today marks the new starting line in Na Ha-Ha's life.

</i> Seoul! I am here! Why is it so fat? I'm very scared.

She doesn't talk to people,but will talk to a dead chicken like that.

Mother, I'm scared of that sister.

What is she doing? <i>I really miss the smell of money.

</i> [Han-Sung Hospital Funeral Ceremony 100m ahead] For the sake of money, many youngsters came andclaimed that they want to do the makeup for the corpses.

9 out of 10 of them dare not even touch the corpses! However, Miss, you want to take up this job? Yes.

Have you seen dead people before? Yes.


I'm not referring to the likes ofthe demise of granny.

The bodies that are sent here,many of them are really not meant for the eyes.

I know.

You know? What do you know? If a person fell down from a high floor,his head would crack.

The brain matter would ooze out.

I have seen a case where the brainmatter was swept back into the head.

I've also seen a case where the person died of a traffic accidentand his various body parts had to be stitched back together.

Also, once there was this bed-ridden patient.

There was too much fluids in the stomach, so.

That's alright.

Report for work tomorrow.

<i>This is the 3rd one for this month.

</i> <i>These rarely seen 'King-Ka's'* (*handsome and capable men)were all turned into dead bodies and sent to me.

</i> Leaving behind so much assets.

Must be so unwilling to go in peace.

His wife is the one who stands to gain.

She has inherited all his assets.

<i>I'm shaken by the scent of money.

</i> I heard that you were also a rich man? A virgin too? Wouldn't it be so nice if you had metme a few months before you died? <i>Thank you.

</i> <i>Because of you, I'm not alone till death.

</i> <i>Please don't say that.

</i> <i>What a blessing.

</i> <i>that I can leave all my possessions to you.

</i> <i>Thank you.

</i> <i>To have met you is my life's greatest fortune.

</i> <i>Me too.

</i> Where have you been? Why come only now? <i>In this world, I'm not the only guywho is a rich male virgin.

</i> <i>He can't just be a rich male virgin.

He must have a short life-span like you too.

</i> <i>A rich male virgin with a short life-span,there will be one if you search around.

</i> <i>Where do I start searching from?</i> <i>That's something you'll have to figure out yourself.

</i> <i>You are asking for too much.

</i> [Nursing Institute] <i>Today marks the new starting line in Na Ha-Ha's life.

</i> <i>Father is always telling me this.

</i> <i>A person who is well-loved when alivewill not look in peace when dead.

</i> <i>I'll become his best lover and best wife.

</i> <i>As well as giving him the best terminal care.

</i> <i>I'll stay by his side during his last moment.

He'll take care of my future life.

</i> <i>What a wonderful plan!</i> <i>I do what I say.

</i> <i>Too poor.


</i> – Father.

– All of you have come.

<i>Too many family members.


</i> <i>Bingo.

</i> A person who is almost dying.

You stillthink of appropriating my assets? <i>Too perceptive.


</i> No families.


a rich male virginwith not much time left.

where is he exactly? <i>I didn't think of it then.

</i> <i>The day that we met would be so preciousand etched in our memories.

</i> I'm so sorry.

I squandered away the family fortune.

I'm a prodigal son.



I'm so cold.

I'm freezing to death.

Please open the door.

Open the door! Open up! Fine, are you thinking of not giving a damnif a person like me is to freeze to death on the road? Open the door! Open up! I ask you to hurry up and open the door! If I were you.

I wouldn't go home even if they asked me to.

A fellow who agreed to being a guarantor whilstdrunk and ended up losing the family fortune.

How can you still have the face to go home? You must also be careful of catching the flu.

This flu virus is no joke! Hurry up with your food! Seems like you are really busy.

I get it.

I'll be done soon.




This fellow.

Hey dude! Stop there.

Stop right there! Stop right there! [Entry to Female Pool – No Entry for Males] Stop there! Stop right there! Stop right there! Mister, block him! Stop right there! Go in! Really! [Organ Donor Agreement] You.

Stamp it.

Quick, swear that you'll never bother me again.

Otherwise I'll jump down from here.

If I die, you all will die too.

I've arranged for someone to report to the Police if I die! What do you want? Are you going to suffer as well after sending me to hell? Alright.

Go ahead and jump.

<i>My name is Yoon Ho-Sang.

</i> <i>As you can see, I live rather dangerously.

</i> <i>However, I'm not discouraged, nor frustrated.

</i> <i>Isn't there abundant youth with lots of time left?</i> <i>Relax and live on, difficult times will pass eventually.

</i> <i>If nothing else, I'm a fellow with a pretty long life.

</i> [Express Delivery] Is this the residence for Mr.

Wang Dae-Bak? I'm from the company that runs errands for people.

<i>The door has been closed.

A bad omen.

</i> Excuse me.

Are you Mr.

Wang Dae-Bak? Strip.

Huh? Hurry up and strip.

There's no time already.

What are you talking about? What's there to strip? My figure is not that of a nude model.


What are you doing? You must have misunderstood.

A company that runs errands does notprovide such 'special services'.

What's more, I'm not into guys.

However, I'm not saying that I'm againstor biased towards people like you.

Firstly, advanced payment is appreciated.

However, I must also know the reason for it.

Exchanging clothes with you.

What do you want me to do? How much do you want? Huh? I'm saying how much more to be given so that you will keepyour mouth shut and follow my instructions accordingly? When this thing is over, I'll give you that same amount again.

Are you doing it or not? No.

You asked me to keep my mouth shut, so.

<i>Nothing is free in this world.

</i> <i>Am I going to get dragged into somemess that will put me in trouble?</i> <i>Who cares? Such is life.

</i> [Complete Silence] [Wang Dae-Bak] Wow! Why is this ward like a hotel room? Look at that television! This place must be very expensive! Where are you going? Wait for me.

Before I'm back,do not let anybody see your face.

When are you coming back? Fine.

You are the one paying, so do whatever you want.

You must not let anybody see your face.

If you don't keep to this, don't counton receiving the rest of the money.


You are the one paying me, so do whatever you want.

Since you are warded, you shouldat least do a basic check-up.

I don't feel unwell.

All is normal.

Please discharge then.

I can't be discharged.

I will leave after some rest.

Do you think this is some kind of inn or something?Fancy taking rest here.

Why are you so uptight? I don't care.

I want to take a good rest before leaving.

If you are feeling normal, you can receive visitors, right? There's someone wanting to see youand making a din outside.

Is someone looking for me? Yes.

Looking very angry.

I have said that I can't receive any visitors.

I don't know whether you know it or not.

The ward door cannot be locked.

We can't assign someone to guard the door either.

What if that person barges in suddenly? Alright.

I'll have the check-up, have the check-up.

Just don't let me run into that person.

Wang Dae-Bak! Wang Dae-Bak! Wang Dae-Bak! Really.

Nothing is free in this world! What I hate most in this world are hospitals and ghosts! Oh my.

Still have to collect urine.

Why is it not coming out when urine is to be collected? Such is always the case.

True enough.

It's not coming out.

It's really not coming out.

Are you done? Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop right there! [Mortuary] I reckon this is where they store the bodies? You seem to like quiet places? Get out.

That kimchi looks delicious.

The temperature here.

is it aboutthe same as the kimchi fridge? Get out.

Having smelled that, I'm really hungry now.

I have been doing check-up earlierand have yet taken my meal.

About this.

This is not used yet.

Still not getting out? Just go ahead with your meal.

I'll find a place to squat.



Here for a body check-up? If you have money to cometo a hospital, pay me back first! I don't have money! No money? No money? I have acrophobia because of you! Just nice.

Should I hang you up so thatyou can regain your conscience? Wait! Wait! There is money! There is money soon.

Where are you getting the money from? Insurance payout! There'll be insurance payout! Insurance payout? I have intended to leave the money for my family.

Bluffing me again? I'm really going to.

Big brother, you had better not go too far! You'll regret it next time! Regret? Why would I be? Big brother, aren't you a kind-hearted person? Treating a dying person in this manner.

Will you feel good after I die? Dying? Who? You? You.

What's with you? Really clever indeed.

Excellent situational handling skills! What a waste to keep my talents buried here! So sexy.

Wang Dae-Bak! You scumbag.

Hold it right there.

Wang Dae-Bak.

You are dead meat when I catch a hold of you! You! Hold it right there! Mister, what are you doing here? By any chance, did you see my baseball? – Go away.

Go away quick.

– I hit a home run.

– But those boys asked me to go search for the baseball.

– Go away! [Yoon Ho-Sang] With all that smell in the hospital, it's notenough for you to just order food delivery.

Now you have to go and order draft beer as well? Canned beer doesn't taste good.

For beer, draft beer is still the best.

Is this a bar? Fancy being particular aboutcanned or draft beer? Don't be so uptight.

Let's have a drink.

How about it? Cool draft beer.

isn't it wonderful? Cool.

The foam.

What are you doing? Good morning.

Big brother.

what is it again this time? I've thought about it.

I think I have trusted you too easily.

What? Just say this one sentence will do.

Just say that 'This fellow has a terminal illness'.

Just say this sentence will do.

I'm a nightingale, Nurse Meng.

As a nurse,I cannot say things against my professional ethics.


Because you are a ministering nurse,you can help a patient to say one sentence.

Patient? Who is a patient? Didn't you sayyou are perfectly normal? Nurse, I beg of you.

Don't you dream about it! – Just say one sentence will do.

– Already said that I can't.

Sorry about the other time.

Have you eaten? In the mortuary again today? Pretty good eyesight.

Excuse me.

Actually, I'm now in a dire situationbecause you chased me out yesterday.

That's why I say, can you help out a little? Excuse me.

Hello! Can make some money too.

Is the condition really serious? Yes.

What illness is it? Patient's check-up shows that his CEA CA19-9tumor growth is accelerating.

The CT scan also shows that he has a tumor in his spleen.

From the look of it, the spleen cancer has spread fromthe celiac artery to the mesenteric plexus.

Impossible to operate on it.

If the cancer cells continue to spread along the arteries, it'll turn into multiple internal organs and heart failure,leading to death.

He looks perfectly normal, how come.

From the outside he looks fine.

But inside is a total mess.

His weight will decrease as time goes by.

In the end he'll be all skin and bones.

By then, if the tumor can be felt on his upper abdomen,he won't be able to manage his life anymore.

He won't be able to eat anything.

Since the nutrients can't be transported viathe blood vessels, he may even starve to death.


You seem to have a habit of sayingsuch things in an unconcerned manner.

Be understanding.

This is her job after all.

It's okay.

Don't be too afraid.

– Are the results out?- Yes, they're out.

Let's take a look.

There's a tumor in the brain.

It's more positive for a tumor rather than a cyst.

What about the numeric index of amylase and bilirubin? They are all pretty high.

I think this is malignant indeed.

– Contact Wang Dae-Bak's family quickly.

– Yes, I got it.

How much of the results is out already? Since he started falling sick at a young age, the cancer cellsare spreading very fast.

He won't live beyond a year.

They are very aggressive too if he doesn'tundergo the surgery to remove the tumor.

This patient's cancer cells are spreading waytoo fast.

Therefore a surgery is out of question.

It'll be okay.

It'll be okay.

Miracle will happen.

If there's any further questions.

Miss Na Ha-Na, what are you doing? As a nurse, don't you have any professional ethics? You can't even differentiate between what you shouldand should not do.

What exactly are you trying to do? Hey, who is this lady? Why is she so irritating? How would I know? I think the atmosphereis not too good, let's go.

Hey, we have not finished talking.

– Let's do it another time.

– When.

Patient, you can't be like this too.

Since I already said no, you shouldhave given up on the idea too.

Yet you asked another nurseto help you do such a thing! What did you ask her to do? A nurse is someone who helps patients,not someone who covers up for patients.

Do you understand? Although a young man came to askyou for help, couldn't you reject him? This is a working place.

Don't thinkof useless things.

Wake up! I am keeping a close watch on you now.

If I catch you again, you can forget aboutwearing that uniform again.

Do you understand? Now you are ganging up with the nurse to bluff me! No.

That lady must have had a misunderstanding! Misunderstanding? What misunderstandingare you talking about? I'm serious! Would I use my own life to bluff you? You are more than capable of it! Up till now, in order to avoid me,haven't you pulled enough tricks? Really.

This time around I'm really not bluffing you! You can just go and verify it again! That's right! Go and ask the doctor! Fine then.

Sign it.

If you pull any tricks again, I'll arrange to haveyour kidney removed.

So can you sign it? Why? Are you scared? For a dying person, what's so scaryabout removing a kidney? Okay, okay! I'll sign it! I'll just sign it! Must you follow me to the washroom too? Stop talking.

Hurry up and get on with it.

Don't pull any tricks, understand? Understood.

Where's my handphone? It's insideMr.

Wang's clothes! Oh my.

I'm going crazy! Mister, sorry to disturb you whilst you are relieving.

But I really have an urgent matter.

Can I borrow your handphone for a while? Mister, just for a while only.

I'm not making a long-distance call.

Mister, hello, mister.

Thank you.

You'll be blessed.

Why does it look like a lady's handphone? Who should I ask the telephone number from? Jerk.

Why isn't the Ladies washroom available? [Internal Medicine Specialist] You have yet to tell the patient Wang Dae-Bakabout the check-up results, right? Yes.

Should I do it now? – It's okay.

I'll do it personally after the meeting.

– Yes, I've got it.

<i>Please leave a message after the 'Beep' tone.

Please press * or # at the end of the message.

</i> <i>Doctor, I beg you to save me!My life is now in your hands, doctor.

</i> <i>Please help me.

</i> Hey, why isn't the doctor here yet? Just wait.

Whichever way I look at it, it's weird.

What? Can a person like you afford to stayin such an expensive ward? I saw that the name-plate on the dooris not your name either! That's because.

I have a distant relative.

He said to use his name so that the hospitalwill take better care of me.

Better care? Looks delicious.

You are here.

<i>Does that smile mean that he will help me?</i> This.

this fellow said he has cancer.

Is it true? You.

You'll save me, right? By right we should inform the family members first.

I am the family member! Hey, say it.

Yes, he's my family member.

I am the family member.

Therefore you can speak at ease.

It's true that the check-up results are not good.

However, there's no need to despair.

So, I have cancer, right? It's not wrong, right? I'm sorry, this is indeed so.

Thank you! Huh? Well.

I mean.

thank you for the accurate diagnosis.

We will definitely do our best too.

But the patient and family member's will-poweris very important.

No matter how tiring it is, we hope that you willwork together with us in the treatment process.

We hope that you can encourage the patient.

Do stay by his side to help him.

Yes, I understand.

I'm really sorry.

The Emergency Room is paging for me.

It's alright.

Please attend to theEmergency Room patients first.

I'll come by again to explain the details to you.

<i>His acting is quite something.

Bravo, bravo!</i> I'm really sorry.

I've gone too far indeed.

It's understandable.

That is why onemust choose one's career carefully.

Big brother, precisely because of your job nature, youdidn't believe the words of such a righteous person like me.

Hey, you opted for the best insurance coverage, right? Of course.

I opted for the one withthe highest payout, the best one.

Your life is really.

very pitiful.


I think there's no other life that's harder than mine.

Hey, you need to eat more.

Eating more in itself is medicine! Hey, I'll visit you often.

How did you contract such an awful illness like cancer? Quick, go in.

– Yes.

– I'll come and visit you again.

Hey, Nurse Na.

It was all my fault.

You must have had a hard time.

Were you scolded badly? But it was not my fault too.

I didn't expect Nurse Meng to appear at that moment.

I don't wish to talk to you again.

I see that you are really mad at me.

Cheer up! Here, for you.

What's this? What can this be? It's the payment for your hard work.

Although Nurse Na didn't manage to finish the job,I must still keep my promise.

Here, keep it.

You helped me for the sake of earning money.

Yet you got scolded for it.

You should get the money.

It won't be wrong.

I'm not a pettyfellow who jokes about that little money.

Well, see you around.


I can't just get fired like this.

I have not realized the goal of working in the hospital.

Don't even know when that person will be coming again.

Got to leave this place quickly.

But it's really quite a pity.

If I can hold on until Mr.

Wang is here,I'll be earning a tidy sum.

Are you knocking off now? I'm discharging too.

Want to join me for a drink? I'm in a good mood today.

I'll buy you a drink.

In a good mood? Speaking in an informal manner already? How fiesty.

I'm really liking you.

That's right.

Having a drink with fiesty friend on sucha happy occasion, there's nothing better than this.

What is so happy? Firstly, I made it through today safely.

I'm like that.

Today's problems will become tomorrow's.

Tomorrow's problems will become another day's problems.

Life is like that, isn't it? But, I'm not in a good mood.

You made some money though, so why aren't you happy? Just live life happily.

Don't worry.

Be happy.

You have a regular place that you go to? <i>What.

</i> <i>I'm very lonely.

I don't want to go homein this kind of mood today.

</i> <i>Wow, don't go then.

</i> <i>Great.

</i> <i>Nah.

no matter how fiesty, she won't.

</i> Go up.

You asked me to go up there? Oh my.

you are really something.

This is not even found in red movies*.

(*Red movies mean adult movies in Korea) Can we do it in this position? – Happy?- Great.

Although it's a bit cold, it's something new.

I'm getting excited.

I have become like this because of you,yet you are still happy? Because of you, all my plans have goneto waste.

All because of you.


what's wrong? Reflect upon it.

Hey! What are you doing? You bastard.

Give me back the money I paid for your suitsbefore you leave.

You bastard.

I know I'm in the wrong.

Please, I beg you to let me out quickly! Please let me out quickly! Have you done a good reflection? What is that? Is she human? I've been tricked! I thought we werereally going to her regular place.

<i>I didn't think of it then.

</i> <i>having that night to be so precious andetched in our memories.

</i> That's right.

Living in this world, anything can happen.

There can be any type of people.

A perfectly healthy person bluffing thathe has cancer.

this is my punishment.

Shouldn't I ask about my check-up resultsbefore discharging? It may not be possible to spend so muchmoney on such expensive check-up again.

If you feel terrible, give it a yell.

Yell out that it's painful.

Yell out that it's painful, mister.

<i>Don't be disappointed.

Heaven will helpthose who are deserved to be helped.

</i> I have not brought things home in ages.

[In remembrance of Shingae-dong's Hero,Mr.

Yoon Ho-Sang's righteous death] Mother! Mother! Your beloved youngest son is here! Please let me in today! I have bought a lot of food! Mother! None of them is in? [Funeral Service] Funeral service? Isn't this done after death? Mother.

Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother.



I wish to express my heartfelt thanks and apologiestowards the deceased family.

How do I express my thanks and guilt in words? Mr.

Yoon Ho-Sang is our family saviour.

He is also a hero who bringsa ray of hope to this harsh world.

Huh? He sacrificed his life to save my son.

We will remember his noble sacrificein our hearts forever.

We will remember his noble characterin our hearts forever.

We will live with gratitude in our heartsuntil the day we die.

Excuse me! Excuse.

Brothers! Thank you all of you here very much foraccompanying my brother in his last journey.

If Ho-Sang were to see it now,he would be very happy.

I really can't believe that Ho-Sangis no longer in this world.

Really feel that.

he will come running to us now laughing.

Our Ho-Sang was.

a very lovable kid since young.

He was a righteous and brave man.

He was always a brother whom we are proud of.

We believe he will be loved in Heaven,just like how we have loved him.

Sung-Min, from now on, you must alsolive well for the sake of brother Ho-Sang.

[Yoon Ho-Sang] Whenever you see this, you must thinkof brother Ho-Sang, understand? [Yoon Ho-Sang] <i>Mr.

Wang is dead.

</i> No one is here.

Take it out, quick.

– It's a title deed for a house!- A title deed? Although he's a rich man,Sung-Min's father is really generous.

Then again.

his own son was saved,what else would he not bear to part with? Our old mother needs not suffer anymore.

Ho-Sang that fellow, we had to worry about him constantlywhen he was alive.

To think that he's become filial in death.

[In Remembrance of Mr.

Yoon Ho-Sang] <i>I.

</i> <i>.

am dead.

</i> – Thanks for the hard work.

– Thanks for the hard work.

What? What? What.

Why don't you spit it out?Don't chase me like a phantom! Please re-instate me.


Please re-instate me.

I already said no.

Have you contacted patient Wang Dae-Bak? Not yet.

I think he may have given up on the treatment.

But still, try to get a hold of him.

I felt bad about not being able to spendsome time to persuade him properly.


Good of him to run away,since he doesn't have much time left.

The best is to spend all the moneyin hand and leave in peace.

Who are you talking about? I'm talking about the young man who was stayingin that best VIP ward.

He was diagnosed with cancer.

Where is that person now? I already said he has run away.

Oh yes, don't you know how to contact that person? Huh? Didn't you accept his money to lie for him the other time? That's not right.

Can't say it's a lie.

Is that person really the cancerpatient staying in the VIP ward? Exactly.

Perhaps he already knew about his condition.

He should have told me earlier.

He didn't even tell me.

How was I supposed to know? <i>That's not good.

</i> <i>I let the big fish slip away right under my nose.

</i> What is this? What? All thanks to Ho-Sang, we are really blessed.

<i>One day a friend took me aside.

</i> <i>They said I have to leave you.

</i> <i>For buying something from a friend,they say I have done wrong.

</i> <i>For protecting the name of a man,they said I would have to leave you.

</i> <i>So now I am bidding you farewell for much too long.

</i> <i>And here's a song to sing</i> <i>for every man in sight.

</i> <i>If he can hear you sing,</i> <i>it's an open door.

</i> I'm sorry.

By right those things were meant for you.

But I took them away from you instead.

All thanks to you.

I've become a filial sonto my family for the first time.

Thank you.

Hope that.

you are going to a good place.

Was he staying all by himself in such a big house? This place sure smells like a bachelor's pad! <i>You have no messages.

</i> How come no one looked for youeven though you disappeared? What is this? So heavy! GOSH! [Play it] <i>Jong-Chul.

</i> <i>I really can't face you, so I'm leavingwords for you in this manner.

</i> <i>I have committed a big sin against you.

I'm really sorry.

</i> <i>I'm telling you, the dream that I had is a jackpot!</i> <i>Let me tell you the numbers.

Help me place some bets.

</i> <i>Jong-Chul, you are now inside,and yet you still think of placing bets?</i> <i>Please help me place some bets!</i> <i>I think if it's Wang Dae-Bak who helps me to place the bets,I'll really hit the jackpot! ('Dae-Bak' means jackpot in Korean)</i> <i>Just like a dream, I really won the lottery.

</i> <i>However, I started getting greedyafter winning the lottery.

</i> <i>That's why I didn't contact you.

</i> <i>I even severed all ties with my family and friends.

</i> <i>Having such a windfall out of the sudden,I became afraid whenever I saw people.

</i> <i>When I saw you standing infrontof my house a few days ago,</i> <i>I was really afraid of you.

</i> <i>That's why.

I had to run away again.

</i> <i>Those money.

Allow me to use themas an atonement.

</i> <i>Please accept them.

</i> <i>Jong-Chul.

</i> <i>I'm really sorry towards you.

Please forgive me.

</i> <i>Why do I feel that I'm similar to you?</i> <i>You are the bad guy who took awayyour friend's fortune.

</i> <i>I'm an idiot who never had any luck.

</i> <i>I guess you must have felt so lonely in the past.

</i> <i>Just like I do now.

</i> Yes, yes.

It's bleeding, is it? I've got it.


Why is it bleeding? [Patient's Records] Give me your handphone, hurry up.

I want to see what you have taken exactly.

What's this? Stay right there.

Na Ha-Na! Stay right there.

<i>Today marks the new starting line in Na Ha-Ha's life.

</i> <i>I'll definitely find that guy and realize my dreams!</i> <i>Wang Dae-Bak, here comes Na Ha-Na.

</i> What should I do to make a guy fall for me? Look here.

you must see it clearly.

See it clearly.

You can't get weak because of your instinct.

Not a beast.

Not a beast.

Is it so difficult to figure it out? To leave you behind and run away by himselfunder that kind of circumstances.

That means he doesn't have much feelings for you.

Wang Dae-Bak! Where on earth did you pop up from? He's someone.

whom I am marrying.

If I didn't meet Nam-Kyung again,what would it be like now? She's the first woman who said that she loved me.

You hate the funeral parlor, right? He said 'thank you' to me.

That's what Mr.

Sang-Joo said.

Thanks for sending me back.

– Come home early.

– Yes.

Are you my wife? I'm going crazy.

Look at those burning eyes! Ho-Sang, be courageous.

Such opportunity may never come by again.

My father said that, funeral ceremony is not done for the sake of the dead.

It is done instead for the sake of the living.

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