Flowers For Mrs Harris

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oh my [singing] There is more to life Ada Harris Than you ever knew Than you ever dreamed [voice of Daniel Evans] Flowers For Mrs Harris it turns out will be the last thing that I direct as Artistic Director of Sheffield Theatres and I must say it's the best piece of musical theatre writing that I've heard in a long long time [singing] What just happened here? Ada Harris You've seen things before Pretty things before [voice of Daniel Evans] It's an adaptation of a novella by Paul Gallico, the book is by Rachel Wagstaff and the music is by Richard Taylor [singing] This is something not quite real This is [voice of Richard Taylor] This is the story of Mrs Ada Harris, lives in Battersea in London, just after the Second World War [singing] This seems made to make you feel Ada [voice of Richard Taylor] She's a cleaner she doesn't want for anything she's perfectly content with her life until one day, shes cleaning for a very wealthy lady in Belgravia she opens the door and see's a thing that changes her life.

[singing] There is more to life, Ada Harris And you've seen it now [spoken] I have to have one I have to have one.

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