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Re ta blooming garden Guangmang fills the garden Ta na ku new blow bud bud bud sprouted new branches Light い color wo hold ki shi Circular te indifferent to hold this color い zu ka when mesh Jiao wo Circular ru wa ち び be looking forward to the advent of time will eventually wake of Package includes the postage む yo u ni mi-like encircling it all Dew soft ra ka ga ask で ta ku dew on leaves stroking Rockers re ta chest の Austria (i ma) shake the feelings of the heart (now) First Circular te ga の feelings raw ma te me cry chrominance carbonate (そ Genki づ ku u love me cry raw ma shi) first felt emotion and color (and thus begin to feel the love) Dream Misaki ki yo praise me cry (Connecticut thou) dream ah you bloom (come on) Ye u want い い willing hold ~ te (い zu ka-u leaves hold ki shi Circular te) realize their dreams embracing desire (up to a final hold) Excellent shi ku Mizuho dye-do ke te ma ru (Ah Ah Ah Ah) was dissolved gentle color Love の red flower (Ah Ah) (Fresh ya ka ke ni Kou) Color of Love ni ma ru dyed flower (colorful bloom) infected romance flower color.

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